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Return of goods purchased online

Online shopping has a number of advantages. They are fast, safe and convenient, and often give access to a more diverse assortment than that present in stationary stores. Their only drawback is that the goods cannot be touched, tried or measured before ordering.

How to send a phone by courier?

Sending a phone by courier is a popular way to deliver it to a buyer, service or simply to a loved one. Thanks to this service, the goods reach the recipient quickly, efficiently and safely. However, in order for the phone to be delivered intact, it is very important to prepare it properly before shipping.


How to improve the quality of sleep?

Stress, snacking, cyberloafing, head chaos - these are not symptoms of disease, but the effects of lack of sleep. Getting a decent night's sleep pays off in every area of our lives - personal, family and also professional. So what can you do to get a good night's sleep and be ready for business challenges?

cash on delivery

Cash on delivery. How exactly does it work?

From this article you will learn in detail what cash on delivery is all about. You will find answers to questions such as: how can the recipient make payment and when do the funds reach the sender's account?

hobby is important

Learn about hobbies that promote creativity

They relieve stress, oxygenate the gray cells and make room in our heads for new ideas. A good hobby has a beneficial effect on our body and on our life, not only in private and social, but also in business.

Learn about hobbies that will not only free your head, but also stimulate creativity.

video meeting


On Teams, on Zoom, on Skype - on these platforms we now meet with clients and business partners more often than in real life. This form requires more from us than a business meeting - because we need to take care not only of ourselves, but also of our surroundings. How? We suggest!

Your email is your business card

Your email is your business card

Our mail is our business card, and every email we send is like a business meeting - it's worth tailoring it to the recipient and knowing what mistakes not to make.

dress-code - how to attract your customer?

Business dress code

As they see us, so they write us - old adages have it that they do not lose relevance over the years. For the truth is that our appearance has a major impact on our business relationships.

how to ship a car parts

How to send car parts by courier?

Car parts are not a package of clothes, we will not easily pack it. But it is not impossible! Who is to know this better than the courier company. Check out how to pack car parts and send them by courier.

kid plays guitar

Project management and my resolutions

From the new year I will start..., from Monday..., from the first... - we set a specific day from which we will start acting. The starting day - the kick-off of our private project. We prepare ourselves mentally, gather information, imagine our new self. In projects, key moments are milestones*.

ecological packaging

Eco-friendly parcel packaging: what does it look like?

Eco-friendly parcel packaging is becoming increasingly popular. And not only for environmental reasons, but also for the image of brands. Companies want to minimize their negative impact on the environment, and individual shippers are increasingly willing to use used cardboard boxes or eco-friendly ways of packaging packages.

how to send a bike via courier

How to send a bicycle by courier?

Shipping books? Nothing easier. Shipping an undersized and larger package? It's already a little more complicated. Want to send a bicycle by courier and be sure that it reaches the recipient safely? Check out how to do it step by step.

good package of parcel

How to pack a parcel for shipping?

Large, small, with regular shapes and those quite out of shape. Packing a package many a shipper spends sleepless nights. How to choose the right cardboard box? What to fill the package with and properly secure the item? We know and come to help. Check out GLS' parcel packing guide.

blog day

Celebrate Blog Day with us!

How to combine the celebration of International Blog Day with the opening of the autumn-winter 2022/2023 season? Publish a post and announce a giveaway in it with prizes of soft and warm sweatshirts!

The contest fun has just started on our Facebook fanpage. We have 15 trendy sweatshirts signed with the GLS logo to win.

kis as rabbit

What should I do if the package is going and I'm not home?

In this article, we explain what happens to a package not picked up from the courier. Also learn how to redirect a package that you cannot pick up in person.

happy woman is opening her parcel

What can and cannot be shipped in a courier parcel

Can live animals, flammable materials, tropical plants, works of art or musical instruments be sent in a courier package? Find out what items should definitely not be included in such a shipment. Find out what can be sent by courier.

happy man is comming out from Szybka Paczka point

How to properly address and send a parcel in Szybka Paczka point?

In this article you will learn how and where to put address labels, so that your parcels reach their recipients efficiently and reliably. We also answer the question of how to address parcels in Poland and abroad.

woman is packing a parcel with clothes

How to pack a parcel with clothes?

Clothing from a parcel as a new one. How to ship clothes so they look good when you open the package.

woman with parcel

What dimensions and weight can a courier package have?

Check the dimensions and weight of your package before you ship it. You will avoid possible additional charges. Also learn how to enter package dimensions.

szybka paczka point

Parcel at the point. How long will it wait?

There are about 4.5 thousand GLS Fast Parcel Points in Poland where you can pick up your parcel. How long does it take for a parcel to get back to the sender?

small boy idea

New corporate identity for GLS

The GLS rebranding is not art for art's sake. It is an element of a greater change. Refreshing the visual identification is part of a new strategy of GLS Group development. We are changing for you.

Woman is seeking courier for her company

How to choose a courier for the company ?

Find out how to find the best combination of courier services for your business. GLS offers individual solutions for both large and relatively small volumes of shipments.

The girl is watching a map

When a parcel goes to another country

Find out how to send a parcel abroad. What dimensions can such a parcel have? How to track its international journey? How long does it take for a parcel to get to Vienna, how long to Barcelona, and how many days to New York or Singapore?

happy courier with a parcel

How to send a parcel by courier?

If you are an individual , you will send a package from one of the more than 6000 Szybka Paczka shipping and receiving points or directly from your home.