Courier services

GLS provides reliable parcel services to companies of all sizes and industries - national and international. Individuals and companies sending relatively small numbers of parcels can use more than 6000 Szybka Paczka throughout Poland.

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Courier for companies

Are you sending business-to-business and business-to-customer parcels? GLS has the perfect transport solutions for your parcels, your company and your customers. Find out more and get an offer!

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Individual shipper

Do you send a small numbers of parcels? Use our Szybka Paczka network and send parcels conveniently and without queues! There are already more than 6000 Szybka Paczka points in Poland.

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International parcels

GLS courier services allow you to quickly and conveniently send parcels abroad. Individuals can send a parcel from any Szybka Paczka outlet. All you need to do is prepare and secure the parcel, then visit the nearest facility. Leave the parcel on the spot, and the courier will pick it up and begin transport.

Entrepreneurs can systematically order a courier for international traffic within Europe using the EuroBusinessParcel service. We deliver the package in 48-96 hours, depending on the country where the Recipient is located. GLS courier shipments also reach the most remote countries of the world under GlobalExpressParcel. This is a service in line with the needs of entrepreneurs who value security and timely transportation.

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Domestic parcel

Courier services provided by GLS are solutions that meet the needs of all businesses. We have a flexible offer, which is always tailored to customer preferences. We are distinguished by comprehensiveness and innovation, which is why we guarantee attractive terms of cooperation for companies for which courier shipments are a strategic aspect of their business. The basic product in domestic trade is BusinessParcel - courier delivery provided under this service usually takes place on the next working day.

GLS courier company has fast deliveries throughout the country. Within Poland, the ExpressParcel service is available - parcels are delivered by 10 am or 12 noon the next business day. Delivery by courier can also take place on Saturday. We care about the needs of Shippers and Receivers, so we will do everything to ensure that the parcel arrives on time.

Additional services prepared by GLS

Regularly sent courier shipments can be enriched with a number of additional services. At GLS, we always want to be close to the Senders and Receivers, so we have prepared the InfoCourierService option to provide the Addressees with the number to the courier via SMS. Also noteworthy is the FlexDeliveryService, thanks to which delivery is made on the Recipient's terms - for the sake of comfort.

GLS courier services also include cash on delivery parcels. Parcels can be paid in cash or via cashless forms (card payment and BLIK) thanks to CashService. Such a solution is particularly convenient for Recipients who do not need to pay for completed orders online. We also have ExWorksService - in which case the Recipient pays for the transport.

As a courier company providing innovative solutions, we offer secure shipping of packages, the delivery of which is made only after the Recipient shows an identity document. This is IdentService, which is especially useful when sending important documents. Then the Sender can be sure that the package will be received by the designated person.

We know the needs of Recipients, so we design solutions with their ergonomics in mind. GLS courier company means deliveries to the workplace, carried out through DeliveryAtWorkService. In this way, delivery is made quickly and efficiently, straight into the hands of the Addressee, who may be in the office.

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FlexDeliveryService connects 23 countries

Flexible delivery: GLS informs recipients early about the delivery of goods and offers a variety of delivery options to choose from.

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Reliable international shipment

Precisely-coordinated transports and modern distribution centres link the individual countries.

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Our responsibility

As a leading European courier service provider, GLS is fully aware of its detailed responsibility towards the environment and community.

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