Social, environmental and economic

As Europe's leading courier service provider, the GLS Group is fully aware of its special responsibility to the environment and society.

For GLS, sustainability is a broad idea that encompasses both the environmental, social and economic aspects of the company's responsibility. This means providing the Group's customers with professional service in parcel logistics, while at the same time providing safe workplaces for employees. With its services, GLS also contributes to mobility and reliable delivery of goods, which is the backbone of the economy.

The Group's goal is to achieve sustainable economic success while protecting the environment for future generations. GLS is a company committed to the fate of the society for which and in which it operates. We encourage you to read the latest GLS Group ESG Report and previous sustainability reports.

Sustainability Reports
Committed to the future

Concern for the environment is an integral part of GLS' development strategy and mission. We strive to use resources efficiently and optimize processes so that the environmental impact when GLS delivers parcels is as small as possible.


GLS reduces fuel consumption and limits the emission of greenhouse gases. The whole fleet is gradually replaced by more environmental-friendly models, including subcontractor vehicles and passenger company cars.

Planning transport routes

To improve operational processes and transport procedures, GLS use modern IT-based planning tools. The distance of transport routes is systematically reduced by optimising planning systems.


Among other things, we are investing in photovoltaic panels at our locations, and we are gradually replacing lighting with LEDs. 85% of the energy used in our offices and warehouses comes from renewable sources.

Other actions

GLS improves the prevailing part of procedures to make them even more environmental-friendly, for example by implementing e-invoices in Europe, electronic letters of delivery and confirmations. Video conferences allow us to reduce the number of business trips.

Throughout Europe

Thanks to all-European quality and environmental management systems, GLS provides high quality and sustainability. GLS possesses DIN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certificates issued by DQS, a globally recognise auditing company. These advanced systems meet the requirements of high, international standards.

Quality is company top priority

By precisely specified processes, specific guidelines and control procedures as well as regular audits, GLS can provide a high level of services. Key quality indexes are constantly monitored.

Appreciated environmental management

GLS is a pro-environmental company that puts into effect the idea of sustainability in all countries where it operates. The ISO 14001 certificate for the environmental management system have been granted to 18 GLS Group subsidiaries.

This, globally recognised standard is considered by manufacturers and service providers to be the most important in terms of environmental management.

Manufacturers and service providers consider this standard to be one of the most important documents in terms of environmental management.

GDP certificate for transporting medical products

GLS has also received a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliance certificate in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland and Luxembourg. The GDP guidelines are binding in the territory of the European Union for pharmaceutical wholesalers. GLS branches in those six countries meet strict requirements for safety and hygiene regarding transporting medical products for human use without the need to maintain a controlled temperature.

GLS eco courier bike delivering packages to recipients

Climate Protect

Since 2008 GLS Group has been implementing pro-ecological initiatives.Currently it is a mature and comprehensive program, which is an integral element of our development strategy.

GLS employees brainstorming


Trainings and professional development of employees, social activity and supporting culture and sports – for current and future generations.

A child looking into the distance through ecological binoculars A child looking into the distance through ecological binoculars

Responsible actions

Taking care of the environment is the main GLS principle put into practice each day by employees throughout Europe. In 2008 GLS implemented the ThinkGreen environmental initiative aimed at coordinating and actively promoting various actions inside the GLS Group. The Group is currently implementing another pro-environmental program - Climate Protect.

It enables us to implement and coordinate various activities actively supporting environmental protection, primarily in three areas:

responsible use of resources,
optimisation of waste management,
emissions reduction.

In addition, we consistently introduce zero- and low-emission vehicles and advanced digital tools to optimize logistics processes.

The impulse and motivation to implement ecological actions are for us the sense of responsibility for the environment, an increase in the general ecological awareness and the development of "green" technologies.

GLS employee during his working day GLS employee during his working day

Social responsibility

For present and future generations GLS employs people from many ethnic groups, cultural and religious circles with diverse views. Mutual recognition, respect and understanding in everyday contacts with employees and partners are important principles applicable in the Group.

Employee development is a fundamental element of the GLS strategy - the Group's goal is to ensure long-term success, both for the company and its employees. In addition, helping those in need is a very important issue for management and regular employees.

GLS companies across Europe support selected local community initiatives through direct donations and free transport services.

GLS supports sport

As one of the leading logistics companies, GLS supports sports events, globally renowned and successful athletes and young people taking their first steps in sport.

Speedway racers, sponsored by GLS


From 2017 till 2019 GLS was a sponsor of the Polish national team and a partner of the most important speedway events in Poland.

Athletic runners


The Runner Club, sponsoring Poland Business Run and the Lion’s Run shows GLS Poland support for that sport.

Poland Speedway racers, sponsored by GLS

GLS supports speedway

In 2018 GLS significantly increased its support for speedway by involving in the most important sports events. The company is the official partner of FIM Speedway Grand Prix in Poland and the new formula of the Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations.
In Poland, GLS has also become the official partner of PGE Ekstraliga and continues sponsoring the Speedway National Team.

GLS supports running

Commitment to sports and local community

In 2018 GLS was the main partner of the Lion’s Run that took place near Poznań, not far from company headquarters. The main goal of the run was not a sporting success, but building the sense of community. The event attracts about 3,500 athletes at various ages who can run different distances. GLS provided attractions for the whole family, including the youngest family members.

GLS supports Poland Business Run

poland business run logo

Running together with colleagues for charity: over 16 thousand participants started simultaneously in 7 towns for the “Poza Horyzonty” Foundation. GLS Poland, as the main sponsor, supported 3 of those charity events. Runs took place in Gdańsk, Katowice, Łódź, Krakow, Poznań, Wrocław and Warsaw. The funds from starting fees were transferred to the Foundation founded by Jasiek Mela that financially supports the purchase of high-quality prostheses for amputees.

GLS Poland runs

In November 2016 GLS Poland founded the Runner Club. Almost 70 people represent the company in running events taking place in Poland (5 km, 10 km distance, marathons and half marathons). GLS supports the Club by financing starting fees and providing company running shirts.