New visual identity of GLS

New Logo

The GLS rebranding is not art for art's sake. It is an element of a greater change. Refreshing the visual identification is part of a new strategy of GLS Group development. We are changing for you.

For GLS, the logo is very important. We know that in this way we talk about ourselves, we present our style of operation and signal the direction in which we are heading.

In our new visual identity there are some interesting changes. We decided to use blue and yellow colors, which are bright, optimistic and full of good energy. And what happened to the well-known yellow arrow, which has represented our company for a long time and which many people associate with GLS?

It is also important to us! The arrow is still present, but now it has found its place in the logotype. It has been ingeniously and sensitively incorporated into the letter G, which creates an interesting effect. This treatment has made the logotype has become compact, has gained great proportions and fits perfectly in the digital world. It certainly attracts attention and at the same time directly relates to our tradition, which is also important for us.

The big yellow dot, on the other hand, is the only completely new element. It plays several roles. First, it symbolizes contact with our customers in the digital age, second, it reminds us that GLS is a company with a lot of experience, and third, in a more literal sense, it emphasizes our mission of point-to-point delivery.

Our website has also been refreshed. Now it is friendly, clear and functional. It corresponds to the most current trends. Of course, in every respect it is also consistent with the whole new visual identity. See how the new GLS website looks like - LINK

"The refreshed brand identity reflects our work and ambitions in a clearer and more innovative way. It's dynamic, bold, modern, vibrant and personal. It perfectly reflects who we are and who we will be" says Martin Seidenberg, CEO of GLS Group.


A modern visual identity is an important part of the larger changes at GLS. We recently adopted and began implementing our new growth strategy, called Accelerate.

Indeed, it is a very apt term. Based on our achievements so far and using the potential we have built, we are setting new, ambitious goals for ourselves.

GLS is a brand with tradition. Over the years we have won the trust of our customers, we have accustomed them to high quality courier services, and this translates into a strong position in the market. But nobody is thinking about resting on their laurels. We want to continue to develop, and the new strategy shows us the way.

We invest in all areas of our business, we introduce more and more flexible solutions, we are constantly looking for new digital tools to improve and enhance our services.

But we also remain ourselves, and a very important part of our philosophy has always been to listen to the needs and expectations of our customers. We don't change this approach because it directly stems from the company's tradition and continues to work very well. What's more, it is now becoming a reference point for everything we do and plan. The customer is always at the center of our attention - this is our key motto.

Sounds like an ordinary slogan? For us it has a real meaning and is reflected in our daily work. In what way?

Our customers can always count on our openness, willingness to help and commitment. Our employees and managers are always available when you need them. We strongly focus on individual relationships and building mutual trust. We treat all digital solutions as tools, with people always in the foreground. It is the same with investments.

We assume that particular services or solutions must always serve the convenience of senders and receivers. This can be summed up by yet another slogan - at the heart of everything we do is the customer.

GLS is a large organization, but at the same time we have retained the energy, motivation, and readiness to act quite like a dynamic startup. We wanted to remind you of all this by rebranding. Our advantage is that we can quickly respond to changes occurring in the market. Nowadays this is more important than ever, because changes, sometimes completely unpredictable, occur at lightning speed.

What matters to our customers is that we always deliver our services reliably and at the high level they expect.

  • The GLS network currently covers 40 countries, including the West Coast of the USA and in Canada. Our services are used by over 250 thousand customers. Find out more about the scope and scale of the GLS Group.

GLS (General Logistics Systems) has been operating since 1999. In Poland since 2001. Since then we have been developing systematically and consistently. The new strategy is an impulse to achieve further goals.

Refreshed brand GLS debuted in autumn 2021. It functions in all European and North American countries in which we operate.