How to send a parcel by courier?


If you are an individual , you will send a package from one of the approximately 4500 Szybka Paczka shipping and receiving points or directly from your home. Find out where to find such a point, how to check the cost of transporting your package and how to track its journey to the recipient.

The Internet brings people together. For example, in a situation where one person wants to sell something - books, clothes, tools, electronic equipment, etc., and another person just happens to need it. If you send parcels by courier irregularly - from time to time - then this article is for you.


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How the sending and receiving points work

Sending a package at one of the Szybka Paczka points is the simplest and most popular solution if you do not send a large number of packages. The points operate in existing stores or service points (shop-in-shop model). How to send parcels by courier, through such a point?

  • Bring a ready, properly packed parcel,
  • and fill in the necessary data on the address label, which you will receive at the point. Leave the parcel with the employee of the point for shipment.
  • Then the GLS courier will pick up your package from the point and deliver it to the distribution center, from where the parcel will reach the addressee.

If it's a domestic package, it will usually reach the recipient on the next business day after sending it.

Take into account that at Szybka Paczka points you can not send a package with express service or cash on delivery.

Use the price calculator - you will find out how much it costs to send a parcel of a specific size to a selected address in Poland and in more than 20 other countries in Europe.

Where can you find the nearest Szybka Paczka point? You can do it easily and quickly online.

Use our search engine . It works like this:

  • Enter the code, name, or street where you are: the search engine will show the nearest points on the map.
  • Click on one of the points on the map - you will see the fastest or shortest route to it from your location.
  • When you click, you will also see information about the opening hours of the point. Importantly, each of the Szybka Paczka points is open at least from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays. However, many of them open earlier, as well as operate until later in the evening. A large number of points also wait for senders (or recipients) on weekends. Note - at selected points, mostly chain ones, only the option of picking up the shipment is available.

We are constantly expanding our network of points. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are as close to them as possible. Of course, we make sure they are conveniently located, figuratively speaking, on the way home or shopping. We observe that more and more people are using the shipping and receiving points.

Fill in the label

Every parcel must have an address label. You can find such labels at Szybka Paczka points in Poland, from which you can send a package. You can fill out the label on the spot, immediately send the parcel, or take the printout to fill out with your home.

Remember to place the label on the largest side of the package.

Make sure the label is visible and stuck on without any folds.

Do not place the label on the closing line of the box or its edges.

Remember that there should be no old, unnecessary labels or other code markings on the package.

How to send a package by courier from home?

You can also send your packages from home. How to do it? Take advantage of the ParcelVan GLS service. The courier will pick up the packages directly from you. You will arrange such a pickup by calling the nearest GLS branch.

You can find our branches using the search engine

  • Enter the code, city, or street - you will see the branches closest to your location.
  • Click the branch of your choice, then tab: details - you will see the phone number of this branch and the hours it operates.

How to send a large package


There are maximum weight limits for courier shipments: in the case of GLS, it is a maximum of 31.5 kg. This limit applies to both domestic and international parcels. If the parcel is too heavy, an additional fee is required for its transportation.
The dimensions of parcels are also limited: width up to 80 cm, height up to 60 cm, and length up to 200 cm. Important: the sum of the circumference of the parcel (2 x height plus 2 x width) and the longest side must not exceed 300 cm. That is, not all the specified values can be maximum at the same time.

Do you send tires, bales of material, plastic buckets, wooden boxes, or other items that do not fit into these limits or "almost" fit, only have protruding parts?

Such undersized (non-standard) parcels cannot be sorted automatically, and such a method is used to separate shipments into different directions as quickly as possible.
Do you have a non-standard package to send? Contact a branch of GLS, and you will find out if and how it can be shipped.