video meeting

How to perform well during a video conference?

On Teams, on Zoom, on Skype - on these platforms we now meet with clients and business partners more often than in real life.

This form requires more from us than a business meeting - because we need to take care not only of ourselves, but also of our surroundings. How? We suggest!

  • Appropriate dress code
Online is governed by different rules than meetings in real life. While "in person": we will look good in a shirt with delicate white stripes or a vichy check, during a video conference the same pattern can give our interlocutor a headache - small patterns pixelate on the screen. So it's worth putting on a plain shirt, and preferably still make sure that its color is not identical to the background we are ascending. Of course, it's also worth taking care of the lower part of your closet - even though you can't see them from the screen, they can inevitably be forgotten in a home office environment.

  • The right frame
Before joining a video conference, it's a good idea to first check how "visible" we are. The camera should be pointed at the front of our face, and our silhouette should be visible from the top of our head to the middle of our chest.

  • Background matters
Pants lying on the back of a chair, an unmade bed, dirty pots in the sink - these images could often be seen in the early days of the pandemic not only by students on remote learning, but also on the screens of experts appearing on television. After all, our background is of great importance and testifies to our professionalism. It is advisable to choose a separate room, so that none of the household members will not "sneak" into the bathroom in the background. The camera can be set against a wall, a painting or a fashionable bookcase. It is advisable to avoid placing the computer opposite a window, as the light coming through the glass can blind our interlocutors and make us literally invisible to them.

  • Mute the sound
Online meetings are governed by separate laws from those off-line. During a video conference, every word matters, so it's worth listening carefully to your interlocutors and not interrupting them. This is because laptop microphones are very sensitive and pick up all sounds, i.e. traffic from outside the window, the tapping of a pen or even louder breathing. To ensure the comfort of yourself and your interlocutors, it is a good idea to press the "mute" button at times when you are not speaking.