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Find out which combination of products and services is possible and suitable for your shipment.

IT integration

For both small and large volumes - GLS Poland offers tailor-made shipping systems for every needs.

Small volumes

Attractive services for senders with volumes up to 200 parcels per month. Order an offer today.

Additional fees

Increasing costs in the provision of transport services caused by the high dynamics of fuel prices and changes in the structure of supplies in non-urban areas, make it necessary to charge additional fees.


As the situation develops, we thoroughly analyze logistics issues related to Brexit. We are well prepared for various scenarios and keep clients informed about changes.

Protection against fraud

Protection against fraud GLS constantly strives to protect its clients against fraud. We strive to identify people who are trying to dishonestly use GLS activities.

Shipping calculator

You can easily find out how much sending your parcel will cost using the shipping calculator of GLS. Prices are for dispatch via Szybka Paczka / ParcelShop points only. A parcel for shipment within Poland may weigh up to 31.5 kg and up to 40 kg abroad

Reasonable transport costs

The exact cost of sending the parcel depends on your needs and requirements. If you send parcels regularly, GLS will send you an individual offer with a quote for products and services that meet your expectations. Transport costs are determined based on various factors, of which the shipment structure is decisive.

Flexible services and shipping options
Fair transport costs
Comprehensive service of specialists and consultancy covering GLS services and transport costs

Together with you, GLS customer advisors will find the best combination of products and services. This will meet your individual expectations - as a result, you'll only get what you really need, which will also reflect the cost of sending the parcel.

GLS courier delivering and picking a parcel to and from a shop GLS courier delivering and picking a parcel to and from a shop

Shipping with GLS Poland

Discover our high quality, flexible and reliable courier services

Sending a parcel

Send a national or international parcel with GLS. We offer reliable and fast transportation services to recipients all over the world. We deliver parcels from Lisbon to Istanbul, from Oslo to La Valetta. This is possible thanks to our extensive network of subsidiaries and reliable partner companies.

Shipping a parcel with GLS

Delivering reliable logistics solutions is what we do at GLS. Both individuals and companies with a high demand for reliable courier services benefit from our offer. We reach everywhere where business is growing. We support trade and production, both domestically and internationally. We act flexibly in order to fulfil our Customers' expectations in the best possible way. Thanks to this, the parcel delivery process with GLS is fast and simple. It doesn't matter whether your parcel has a shorter or longer journey ahead of it. With us it will arrive on time!

How to send a parcel?

Are you wondering how to send a parcel quickly and comfortably with GLS? If you are a private person or a company sending relatively small numbers of parcels, use the network of more than 6000 Szybka Paczka points throughout Poland. These locations include shops, offices or service points where you can easily and cheaply send parcels using our services. Visit any of the Szybka Paczka point in your area and send a domestic or international parcel cheaply. To find the nearest Szybka Paczka point, just use the handy search engine available on our website. Remember that the shipping cost depends on the size of the parcel to be sent. To answer your questions we have prepared a price list with calculator, which allows you to estimate the exact cost of sending a parcel.

Szybka Paczka points search Price calculator

Send your parcel cheaply using our services. Thanks to GLS you can be sure that your parcel will reach the recipient quickly and efficiently. We deliver domestic as well as international parcels within a short period of time. However, before sending the parcel, remember to make sure that the goods you are sending are properly packed. It is extremely important to fill any empty spaces inside the carton, so that the transported items cannot move. Shipping labels can be found at any Szybka Paczka point in Poland. Fill in the document, place it on the largest side of the parcel and send it anywhere in the world!

GLS offer also includes a wide range of additional services addressed to regular senders, i.e. companies and enterprises which send relatively large numbers of parcels. BusinessParcel service is our dedicated solution for business, which guarantees timely transport of domestic parcels. Most often, the parcel is delivered to the recipient on the next working day. On the other hand, EuroBusinessParcel is a service which reaches the whole Europe. It is possible thanks to precise coordination of transports, extensive GLS network and uniform systems in many countries. As a result, you can send low-cost shipments to practically any European country, with an average delivery time of between 48 and 96 hours. If you want express services and fast parcel delivery, use ExpressParcel (for domestic parcels) and GlobalExpressParcel (for international parcels). Fast delivery only with GLS! We deliver reliably and on time nationally and internationally.

How do you regularly send parcels via our company? All you need to do is become a GLS business customer. Send us an enquiry and our consultants will prepare a complex offer for you, tailored to your needs and expectations. Remember that with us your parcel will always arrive on time, because at GLS we pay attention to every detail in the delivery process. In addition, we provide a range of functional systems and digitalisation solutions, including IT integrations. Take advantage of these and send parcels regularly with GLS!

Shipping systems

Optimal connection: data management systems today should be fast, reliable and easy to integrate. GLS customers have access to modern and uniform, but still flexible, shipping systems tailored to all requirements and volumes.


ADE-Plus is a web application that allows you to manage the transport process via the Internet. Works in every browser, and you only need network access to use it. Thanks to the WebAPI service, integration of ADE-Plus with customer systems is very simple.

Through it, you can, among others generate 2D labels, manage recipient data, view and download e-invoices, place Pick&ShipService and Pick&ReturnService orders, import and export your own address book, as well as download auctions and address data from

ADE-Plus also provides functionalities such as preparing online statistics on parcels sent, CashService transfer reports or by cost center, as well as viewing and printing invoice specifications.

It is an ideal solution for companies that:
- want to reduce the number of paper documents in circulation,
- they are waiting for the possibility of importing and exporting their own address book,
- regularly send from 50 to 2,000 parcels per month.


GLSI is an application for customers who manage depots as part of their activities. It is installed on computers with Windows. Works on a local database, also on a LAN. Can be used offline. It is easy to integrate it with your ERP system. The labels are downloaded online and the parcel data is automatically sent to GLS when the label is printed.

It is an ideal solution for companies that:
- use their own ERP / depot system and want to integrate it with label printing,
- expect a solution installed on computers in the LAN and independent of permanent Internet connectivity,
- they regularly send between 500 and 3,000 parcels per month.

Additional fees

Increasing costs in the provision of transport services caused by the high dynamics of fuel prices and changes in the structure of supplies in non-urban areas, make it necessary to charge additional fees.

Fuel Surcharge

GLS adds a fuel adjustment because the volatile oil prices have a significant impact on the prices of transport services and thus on the cost of parcel delivery.

The increasing share of fuel costs in the provision of transport services, in particular courier services, caused by the high dynamics and volatility of fuel prices on the wholesale and retail market as well as changes on the product sales market, translate directly into a change in the structure of supply in non-urban areas, which necessitated verification method of calculating the fuel surcharge.

In the case of a fuel adjustment, the basis for calculations adopted by GLS are average diesel prices in Poland - its amount is defined depending on the current situation. The invoices are recognized separately in a transparent manner.

The current fuel adjustment is published on two-week interval. The increase in frequency is dictated by the very high dynamics of changes in the fuel market.

Given its ambition for environmental action, GLS is allocating a 1% fuel surcharge to Climate Protect projects that lower its carbon footprint.

MonthAverage of diesel prices per m3 (PLN)Current surcharge (%)
November (16.11 - 30.11) 2023PLN 5 231,5022,50%
Average net diesel oil prices and corresponding fuel surcharge coefficient placed on the invoice:
Average diesel price net / m3 (PLN)Surcharge (%)
fromtoshown on invoice
3109,803149,8010.5 %
3149,813189,8111.0 %
3189,823229,8211.5 %
3229,833279,8312.0 %
3279,843329,8412.5 %
3329,853379,8513.0 %
3379,863469,8613.5 %
3469,873559,8714.0 %
3559,883649,8814.5 %
3649,893739,8915.0 %
3739,903829,9015.5 %
3829,913929,9116.0 %
3929,924029,9216.5 %
4029,934129,9317.0 %
4129,944234,9417.5 %
4234,954339,9518.0 %
4339,964444,9618.5 %
4444,974549,9719.0 %
4549,984654,9819.5 %
4654,994759,9920.0 %
4760,004865,0020.5 %
4865,014965,0121.0 %
4965,025075,0221.5 %
5075,035195,0322.0 %
5195,045355,0422.5 %
5355,055535,0523.0 %
5535,065715,0623.5 %
5715,075895,0724.0 %
5895,086075,0824.5 %
6075,096235,0925.0 %
6235,106385,1025.5 %
6385,116525,1126.0 %
6525,126665,1226.5 %
6665,136805,1327.0 %
6805,146925,1427.5 %
6925,157045,1528.0 %
7045,167145,1628.5 %
7145,177245,1729.0 %
7245,187345,1829.5 %
7345,197445,1930.0 %
7445,207545,2030.5 %
7545,217645,2131.0 %
7645,227745,2231.5 %
7745,237835,2332.0 %
7835,247925,2432.5 %
7925,258015,2533.0 %
8015,268105,2633.5 %
GLS van drives on road in a forest


In Poland and many other European countries, a fee is charged for using an increasing number of roads. It covers almost all trucks and semi-trailers used by GLS Poland to transport parcels to sorting plants and depots. GLS Poland is forced to transfer this fee to customers. The invoice is clearly shown as a separate item. As of June 1, 2023, the toll amount will be PLN 0.98. The change is dictated by the fact that this amount has not been changed by us since 2017, and during this time the number of toll roads has increased and e-TOLL rates have increased



Internet and email scams are becoming more common. The GLS name is used in a dishonest way to send fake emails usually addressed to private individuals and in some cases also to companies.

They often contain payment requests. Recipients of such emails should inform GLS immediately and under no circumstances pay the amounts requested. GLS never sends an e-mail requesting payment for goods using online payment systems, credit cards or bank transfers.

Cash on delivery (with CashService) or ExWorksService parcels are delivered by couriers and paid in cash.

Fake emails often contain typos and grammatical errors, as well as blurred trademarks. If the sender of the message is unknown, do not open attachments. GLS is not liable for any damages resulting from fraudulent acts committed by third parties who abuse the GLS name.

Recently, we have noticed false job offers for drivers on the Internet, signed with the name GLS Poland, in which potential candidates are required to send scans of the identity documents to the alleged employer, i.e. driving license or ID card.

These offers are false and are intended to gain access to your personal data. GLS has never required and does not require sending any scans of such documents for recruitment purposes. Moreover, couriers providing services for GLS are employed by transport companies (subcontractors) - GLS does not recruit for drivers.

Therefore, we strongly warn against responding to such ads and providing any alleged employers with any private data.

People ordering goods on the Internet and using false ID documents and illegally obtained credit cards have recently been offering jobs for so-called "Parcel agents".

Work - usually part time - requires taking parcels and redirecting them to another address, often abroad. The goal is to hide the destination location of fraudulently purchased goods. The police warn against accepting job offers as a "Parcel agents".

This supposedly lucrative occupation means engaging in fraud and money laundering, resulting in legal and financial consequences.

Attention: Fraud attempts!

The GLS name is being fraudulently used to send fake SMS messages containing information about parcel stoppage and a request for payment. Recipients of such SMS messages should under no circumstances pay the requested amount.

GLS never sends SMS messages requesting payment for retained parcels via online payment systems, credit card or bank transfer. Cash-on delivery parcels (with CashService) are delivered by couriers and paid for by cash or BLIK directly upon collection of the parcel.

GLS is not liable for any damages resulting from fraudulent activity by third parties who misuse the GLS name.