Business dress code - how to dress to inspire confidence in the customer


As they see us, so they write us

Old adages have it that they do not lose relevance over the years. For the truth is that our appearance has a major impact on our business relationships.

Sometimes a small change in closet can transform our image and work wonders.

How to create a businesslike, professional look and at the same time inspire confidence in the customer?

  • Navy blue and grays rule

Whether we think of women's or men's closet, the business dress code loves clothes and accessories in these colors. Navy blue, unlike black, is not associated with detachment and discipline, but with professionalism, responsibility and confidence. So it is worth being tempted to wear a navy blue suit, jacket or blazer. Navy blue will also be the perfect color for a coat. Gray, like navy blue, is also a favorite business color. It will work perfectly on clothes designed for warmer seasons.

  • Classics always work

The basis of professional business attire is the base, that is, a shirt and pants. In both men and women, a good choice will be white and blue shirts, which go well with navy and gray blazers. White and blue are also colors that are associated with simplicity, professionalism and good style. If we think of pants - in the case of men, jeans, composed with a navy blue sports jacket will also work well, and in the case of women - dark elegant tailored pants, preferably with a length of 7/8.The rule here, however, is simple - the darker the pants, the more professional look. Not allowed in the business dress code are pants with rubbing or holes.

  • The cut counts

When choosing a closet, it is worth focusing not only on colors, but especially on the material and cut. Clothes made of cotton, linen or wool will last longer and even for several years will look neat and classy. When completing a business closet, it is essential to pay attention to the cut of the clothes. Jackets, suits, jackets and shirts should be fitted, but not too tight. The same goes for skirts for women - a professional look will be emphasized by those fitted with a knee-length.

  • Accessories "do the job"

The classic professional base of a business outfit can be emphasized with accessories that can build the whole outfit anew. For both men and women, matte leather shoes will be advisable - here, too, the rule will apply - the darker, the more professional. Men can bet on distinctive accessories, i.e. a tie or a pillowcase. If we want to combine them, it is important that they harmonize in color. If we opt for a tie - it can be in navy blue, bottle green or red. If we are thinking of a pillowcase alone - it is worth that it "plays" in color with the adjacent elements of the outfit, such as jacket or shirt. In the case of women, the whole outfit should be emphasized with a handbag, also in subdued colors, but, for example, with colorful accents on the handle, at the zipper or on the lapel.

The business dress code is all about minimalism and classics. Here, less is certainly more!