How to send a bicycle by courier?


Shipping books? Nothing easier. Shipping an undersized and larger package?

It's already a little more complicated. Want to send a bicycle by courier and be sure that it reaches the recipient safely? Check out how to do it step by step.

How much does it weigh? Will it fit in a cardboard box? Well, and what to do with the handlebars? Shipping a bicycle is not an easy thing to do. So what to do? We already explain everything you need to know about it.

Step 1 Weight

Courier shipments have it that they are usually subject to a certain weight limit. This begs the question - is our bicycle an item that we can send this way? Of course it is. The average weight of a bicycle is about 15 kg. Of course, a road bike will be lighter, especially if it has a carbon frame. Such a bike can weigh as much as 10 kg. Slightly heavier will be mountain and city bikes, especially if you add gadgets, such as a basket for the popular Dutch bike. Nevertheless, the average weight of a bicycle with accessories is about 20 kg (the limit of most courier parcels is 30 kg, in GLS it is 31.5 kg). Be sure to check whether the parcel does not exceed the volumetric weight (also called volumetric), however. It is the quotient of the volume in cubic cm of the smallest cuboid in which the parcel will fit and a factor of 6000, and is calculated according to the formula: height of the Parcel (in cm) x length of the Parcel (in cm) x width of the Parcel (in cm) / 6000

Step 2 Packaging

The packaging for shipping the bicycle must be strong, rigid and protect the bicycle from damage. Therefore, this step is both easy and difficult. Simple for those who have prudently left the bicycle packaging in the garage or cell - now they can simply reuse it. A more difficult task faces those who do not have such a cardboard box. So how to pack a bicycle? Here the answer is similar - in a cardboard box. You may be able to ask for one at a bike store - for a small fee. You can also adapt for this purpose the packaging of a large piece of consumer electronics, such as a TV set. Here, however, it is worth checking the maximum dimensions that a cardboard box can have for shipping by courier. At GLS, the circumference of the package + its longest side can not exceed 300 cm.

Step 3 Unbolting and securing

A well-secured bike is a bike unbolted and put into a cardboard box. How to do it?- First of all, unscrew the pedals, fenders and front wheel.

  • You can leave the rear wheel, but on the condition that it will fit in the package prepared for shipping).
  • Lower the saddle as much as possible, or if you have the option - dismantle it.
  • Loosen the handlebars and fold them along the bike frame.
  • Disassemble all components, such as lights or counter, and place them in one place, such as in a special bag.
  • Do the same with all screws - sort them out, pack them in bags and label them.
  • Wrap sensitive bicycle components, such as inner tubes, for example, with a soft piece of cloth.- Secure brakes and derailleurs with fabric or a piece of cardboard, so that they don't damage the cardboard box in which you send the bike.

Step 4 Packing

Secure the bike and its individual components properly so that they are not damaged in transit. How to do this?

  • First of all, small parts, such as screws or cycling gadgets, should be packed in separate packages and described.
  • Sensitive parts of the bike must be protected with fabric. The same can also be done with the wheels and frame.
  • All unscrewed and secured parts should be attached to the frame with tourniquets.
  • The empty space in the cardboard box necessarily needs to be filled, so that the bicycle remains in place during transport. Of course, bubble wrap will be helpful here, but for the sake of the environment, it is worth considering eco-friendly forms of fillers such as scropak, wood wool or SizzlePak paper filler.

You already know how to prepare your bike for shipment and how to pack it properly so that it reaches the recipient safely. Now there is nothing left for you but to check the shipping cost - for example, using the calculator and order a courier to pick up your bike shipment.