How to send car parts by courier?


Car parts are not a package of clothes, we will not easily pack it. But it is not impossible! Who is to know this better than the courier company. Check out how to pack car parts and send them by courier.

What kind of car parts will I send by courier? Selling car parts, surely more than one person has asked himself these questions. Packing car parts and sending them by courier requires the right approach and knowledge.

Here's our guide to what car parts can be sent by courier and why the automotive industry uses GLS services.

Shipping car parts by GLS courier

GLS does not primarily handle pallet shipments (which are appropriate for shipping car engines or transmissions). Other than that, shipping of all other parts is allowed. However, the condition is certain dimensions. A domestic parcel containing car parts cannot weigh more than 31.5 kg (international 40 kg) and must have certain dimensions: width 80 cm, height 60 cm and length 200 cm, with the sum of the circumference of the parcel and its longest side not exceeding 300 cm. The parcel must also not exceed volumetric (volume) weight. You can check the explanation of this term and how it is calculated in the service regulations.

Why is it worth it?

Customers in the automotive industry often use GLS services, among others, sending parts for export to the German market, as well as French, Italian or Spanish - there we are competitive with the local market. Our additional advantage? Very fast delivery times. Thanks to our developed network of proprietary companies, we deliver auto parts to European countries in 48-96 hours. We also remember that for international shipments the maximum weight allowed is 40 kg.

Automotive customers - what do they value us for?

When sending a shipment of auto parts abroad, what matters most to the sender, as well as to the recipient, is convenience, as well as clear information about where the package is currently and when it will arrive. At GLS, we make this possible by not renumbering the package. This means that the parcel from sending until it is received is transported on a single number. Automotive customers who use our services know that we are a reliable company, which is characterized by individual and constant contact with the sales supervisor and customer service department.Two services that are possible when shipping a package of auto parts work particularly well in this industry:

  • FlexDeliveryService A flexible delivery option in which the recipient is informed of the timeframe for parcel delivery. This allows the recipient to freely choose the delivery option, such as setting a new date or a different address, as well as redirecting the parcel to a GLS Fast Parcel point. In addition, an evening and Saturday delivery option is also available in selected cities in Germany. FlexDeliveryService is available for domestic and cross-border parcels from Poland to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom.Flexible delivery requires no additional charges.
  • ShopReturnService An option that allows a shipper to return a package at one of nearly 5,000 GLS Fast Parcel locations throughout Poland. There is no cost to the customer who returns the package and the original shipper pays only when the customer ships the return. ShopReturnService also allows the parcel to be tracked during its return journey.
  • ShopDeliveryService An option to deliver a parcel directly to Quick Parcel points. The recipient selects in advance the point where the parcel is to be delivered. When the parcel is delivered, GLS informs the recipient by email or SMS. The parcel can be picked up from the Quick Parcel point at a convenient time. ShopDeliveryService is also available for shipments sent to Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Germany.

Car parts - how to pack and ship

Already having the knowledge of what car parts we can send by courier, the most important thing remains - packing the shipment. It is best to send car parts in a properly protected cardboard box with filling, so that the part is not damaged during transport.
GLS customers most often use shipments of car parts weighing up to 3 kg.

However, even in this case, you need to make sure that they are free of liquids, oils, grease and fuel. Otherwise, liquids can flood not only a specific car part, but also the entire package.Regardless of what kind of car parts you ship, always remember to secure them well and fill the empty space in the carton.

For smaller parts, the popular bubble wrap will work here, but it will be greener to use more environmentally friendly fillers such as scropak, flopak, wood wool, eco-friendly air cushions or honeycomb paper.

What about the larger sizes that obviously fit into the dimensions of our packages? They, too, must be thoroughly cleaned and protected so that they arrive safely at the recipient. Here it is best to use a cardboard box, or even opt to use dedicated filling - under the dimensions of the part.

Courier shipments are an excellent way to deliver car parts to recipients. Remembering to pack them properly, we can be sure that they will safely reach them.