Sending parcels by courier in Poznań is easy with GLS. We offer attractive solutions based on convenience and reliability. Together with us you can send a domestic or international package, and the parcel will be delivered to the Recipient quickly and safely.

The Szybka Paczka points - Poznań

Ordering a courier in Poznań by GLS is especially convenient for senders who decide themselves when and where to send a domestic or international parcel. To find the nearest GLS Szybka Paczka point, use the search engine available below. This tool allows you to efficiently find the addresses of the closest facilities suitable for sending and receiving GLS parcels. Leave your secured package there and a courier from Poznań will pick it up and begin transport to the indicated location.

On GLS website there is also a price list, which allows you to determine how much does a courier from Poznań cost. There is also a calculator at your disposal. In this simple way you can find out the prices for the transport of the parcel: both in domestic and international traffic.

In Poznań, on the housing estate Oświecenia 59 there is the first company's point of Fast Parcel opened by GLS. This facility has space to pack parcels and materials to protect them. It also gives the possibility to send a parcel on delivery, and its personnel is willing to give advice and help.

In Poland, delivery usually takes place after 1-2 business days.

See our other branches in the wielkopolskie voivodship:

Parcel shipping - Poznań

Occasional shipments by individuals at GLS can be carried out efficiently and in a comfortable way for the Senders. The process is based on a visit to any - the shop-in-shop facilities located in stores and service establishments.

All you need to do is to label the package on the spot and then a courier from Poznań will start transporting it to the Addressee. The advantage of GLS points are long opening hours and convenient locations. They are open even late at night, often with a dedicated parking lot. In Poznań and its surroundings there are more than 100 such points.

Courier from Poznań may be ordered by the Sender at any time - without unnecessary formalities and waste of time. Szybka Paczka points are adjusted to domestic and international deliveries. This way the Sender can order a courier from Poznań who will deliver the parcel to almost any place in the world.

Transport at GLS is carried out with a high level of safety - we also guarantee timely delivery, and during delivery we provide the possibility of tracking the parcel and its redirection.

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