Do you live in Leszno and want to use a reliable courier service? Even in small towns, this type of service is offered. Benefit from the GLS Szybka Paczka service. This service allows you to send and receive parcels quickly and easily. You do not need to wait for the courier at home. Pick up your parcel during the GLS Szybka Paczka Points' opening hours. Our branch is located in the nearby town of Święciechowa at ul Produkcyjna 3, postcode 64-115, which is also the location of the GLS Szybka Paczka point. You can send and collect packages there. Despite the fact that Święciechowa is a small town, its residents are offered professional courier services.

You can also send packages via courier. In this instance, our employees will arrive at the agreed-upon location to pick up the parcel. This is an offer for both businesses and individuals. Please consider whether using Szybka Paczka or contacting a courier is more convenient for you.

You may send a parcel within the country or to Europe or other countries across the world. In Poland, it will be delivered on the next working day. Delivery times in Europe range from 48 to 96 hours, depending on the distance between the sending and receiving points.

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The Szybka Paczka points - Leszno

Leszno is one of hundreds of cities and villages in Poland that can benefit from our offer. GLS Szybka Paczka points can be found in both urban and rural areas. By using GLS courier services, you ensure the quality, punctuality, and safety of your package.

Our website has a search engine that will help you determine the nearest location where you can send your package. You will also be able to find out the opening hours.

Use the search engine available on our website to check where to send or receive courier shipments in Leszno closest to you.

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Parcel shipping - Leszno

We want the GLS offer to be available to as many individuals as possible in Poland. It can also be used in Leszno. Send your parcel at a GLS Szybka Paczka point during working hours. This is an extremely convenient and quick option.

Before you go to the point, bear in mind that the parcel must be packed in line with the regulations. Our website contains all of the relevant information. Keep in mind that the maximum weight for domestic and international shipments is 31.5 kg. The total of the circumference and length of the parcel's longest side shall not exceed 300 cm.

You can pack it at home or on site, as long as cardboard boxes and envelopes are available. Fill out the label, and the package will be assigned a tracking number. This allows you to track the location of the parcel. If you will not be able to pick up the parcel in time, you can redirect it to a GLS Szybka Paczka point. There is also the option for the courier to leave it at your neighbour's house, for example. Not sure if you'll be at home when the courier arrives in Leszno? Make use of the redirect option.

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