Confirmation of payment by card/BLIK

Did you pay by card or BLIK for delivery? Great! Here you can download the confirmation of your payment.

Download confirmation

Parcel tracking

Thanks to uniform IT systems across Europe and the world, tracking your parcel at GLS is extremely easy and convenient. To check the current status of your shipment, simply enter your parcel number or Track ID on our website. This way you'll know all the details of your package's transport from the moment it was shipped.

Tracking your parcel at GLS is distinguished by its precision and convenience. Our system displays information on where and at what time the parcel was located. As a result, the recipient will easily find out when the order will be delivered. This is an extremely functional solution, because in the absence of the recipient at the delivery address, he can, free of charge, redirect the parcel to one of more than 6000 Szybka Paczka points in Poland. Track your parcel and get a guarantee of on-time delivery!

Where is my parcel?

Do you often ask yourself: where is my parcel? If so, the option of tracking a package transported by GLS is just for you! In order to use this feature, all you need is a parcel number or Track ID, which are automatically generated by our system at the moment of placing a shipment order by the sender. If the person sending the parcel correctly fills in all the data during the sending process, including the recipient's e-mail address, then the parcel number along with information about the upcoming delivery and its deadline will be sent to the recipient's e-mail. Use the tracking number you receive in the e-mail and enter it on our website so you can track your shipment from dispatch to delivery. In this way, you will never again have to wonder: where is my parcel? What's more, with GLS you can not only track your parcel, but also control it. Thanks to us, redirecting a parcel to a Szybka Paczka point literally takes a few seconds. The recipient may also change the address or delivery date free of charge. In order to do so, you need to read the e-mail message sent automatically by our system at the moment of sending a parcel.

At GLS it is the recipient of the parcel who has full control over the delivery process and decides for himself how the courier will deliver the parcel. The parcel tracking option makes this task very easy! It is an extremely convenient solution for everyone - all you need is an Internet access to use it.

Tracking of national and international shipments

At GLS it is possible to track both domestic and international shipments. After entering the parcel number on our website, the system will display all information concerning the transport of your shipment, even if it was sent in another country. In this quick and easy way, you get access to data that can be extremely helpful during the courier delivery process. Remember that if you cannot collect your parcel in person, consider redirecting your order free of charge to the nearest Szybka Paczka point or choose the option of leaving your parcel at a designated location without the recipient's signature (e.g. at a neighbour's house). Tracking of international shipments covers all countries where GLS operates, both through its network of subsidiaries and reliable partner companies. These are not only European countries, but also the USA, Canada, Japan or Singapore. GLS courier services guarantee fast and reliable delivery and maximum convenience.