ADE-Plus is a modern and convenient web application that allows our customers to easily manage the entire transport process without having to install any additional software. It works in any existing browser, and all that is needed to use it is Internet access.

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Secure packaging

The proper packaging of a parcel is of key importance to the whole logistic process of its delivery. Find out more about the principles of safe parcel packing.

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Parcel delivery

GLS provides reliable parcel services to businesses of all sizes and industries. Individuals and companies sending relatively small numbers of parcels can use more than 1500 Szybka Paczka / ParcelShop points all over Poland.

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Sending packages

For more information on how to send shipments using ADE-Plus, watch our instructional videos.

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Features of ADE-Plus

ADE-Plus enables complex management of shipment processes. The system offers a range of options and additional features that allow you to manage the entire transport process optimally.

ADE-Plus and available integrations


ADE-Plus allows quick and convenient integration with most of the key systems that help you manage the order transport process.


Secure packaging

The safety of a parcel at every stage of its transportation to the recipient is determined, among other things, by its correct packaging. If you want to ensure that your shipment reaches the recipient undamaged, you should remember about a few basic rules during packaging.

Outer packaging
How to pack safely?

Goods packed in two-ply boxes made of high quality, moisture-resistant cardboard are usually well protected. It is particularly important to protect the surface and protect the edges and corners of the parcel. New boxes are best. These used boxes are only suitable for strong items. The heavier the contents, the more solid the outer packaging should be.

Internal filling
How to pack safely?

Any voids inside the carton should be filled and the goods should not be able to move. The filling should be adapted to the goods being shipped, and in the case of heavy and/or sensitive items, matching polystyrene forms should be used. The goods should not come into direct contact with each other or with the external packaging.

Tape wrapping
How to pack safely?

The consignment should be wrapped with packing tape and sealed on all sides. The heavier or larger the parcels are sent, the stronger the tape should be. Robust, tight tape is essential for safe transport.

Address labeling
How to pack safely?

The label should be placed on the largest side of the parcel. Old stickers or return labels should be removed beforehand. Parcels should not be combined with each other, but sent separately. Each parcel should have its own label.

Parcel size and weight
How to pack safely?

In its distribution centres GLS uses an automated parcel sorting system, which allows for quick and economic delivery of parcels. As parcels cannot exceed certain dimensions, their movement is smooth and undisturbed.

An upper weight limit has also been set. The consignment can be delivered at maximum:

- be 200 centimetres long,

- weigh 31.5 kilograms in domestic and international trade,

- the sum of the circumference and the longest side of the parcel must not exceed 3 meters (we calculate it by summing 1 x longest side plus 2 x height plus 2 x width).


Shipping with ADE-Plus

To find out more about preparing and sending shipments via ADE-Plus, take a look at our instructional videos.

Login to ADE-Plus for the first time

How to log into the system for the first time?

Watch this video for a short and simple step-by-step guide on how to log into ADE-Plus for the first time.

Standard delivery preparation

What do you have to do to create a standard shipment address label in ADE-Plus?

Please watch this video to learn how to create a standard shipment in ADE-Plus.

Pick&ReturnService shipment configuration

How to enter Pick&ReturnService order in ADE-Plus system?

We encourage you to watch the instructional video with a short step-by-step guide of preparing a shipment with the additional service Pick&ReturnService.

Pick&ShipService shipment configuration

What steps do you have to take to enter a Pick&ShipService order into ADE-Plus?

Watch this video to learn how to create a Pick&ShipService shipment in ADE-Plus.

ExchangeService shipment configuration

Are you wondering how to send an ExchangeService shipment in ADE-Plus?

Please take a look at this video which explains in a simple and easy way what steps you need to take to create an ExchangeService shipment in ADE-Plus.

DPL programme

ADE-Plus prepares labels in formats which correspond to the different types of thermal printers (zpl, epl, dpl). In order to print labels automatically on a thermal printer, you will need a suitable program.

This video shows simple instructions for downloading and using the DPL programme.

Printing a label

How to print a label prepared in ADE-Plus?

Please watch this short instructional video on how to print labels using ADE-Plus.

Features of ADE-Plus

ADE-Plus enables comprehensive management of domestic and international shipping processes. Its main purpose is to simplify the process of sending parcels, placing collection orders and generating reports for our customers. More importantly, it does not require installation on a computer. All that is required is Internet access via a browser with parameters which ensure the comfort of using the application.

ADE-Plus offers a number of options and additional features that allow our customers to manage the entire transport process in an optimal way.


ADE-Plus enables the generation of clear reports according to predefined conditions.


ADE-Plus gives quick access to all the invoices belonging to the customer.


ADE-Plus provides convenient access to company documents and files.


ADE-Plus allows to automate and efficiently coordinate the complaint submission and processing chain.


ADE-Plus is compatible with the Allegro auction service. This module enables the client to import sold auctions, parcels and addresses.


ADE-Plus is compatible with the eBay auction service. Customers who wish to use this option can import sold auctions.

Integrate with us!

ADE-Plus allows fast and convenient integration with most of the key systems that help managing the shipping process of orders.