of Cloudflight Coding Contest

for Participants of the GLS Poland – Poznań


1. The Cloudflight Coding Contest (hereinafter: "the Contest") is organised by Cloudflight GmbH, with its registered office in Munich (Germany) at Friedenheimer Brücke 16, 80639 Munich, registered in the German Commercial Register for the Commercial Court of Munich under KRS number 250832 (hereinafter: "the Organiser"). The Organiser shall be in charge of all technical and legal aspects of the Contest's organisation and conduct.

2. The Host of the Contest in the Poznań location is General Logistics Systems Poland Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Głuchowo, ul. Tęczowa 10, 62-052 Komorniki, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court Poznań Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, VIII Economic Department of the National Court Register under KRS number 5009, with a share capital of 16. 311,638.00 PLN, holding tax identification number NIP: 7851561831 (hereinafter: "the Host" or "GLS Poland").

3. The Host is responsible for organising the Contest at the Poznań location and distributing prizes to the Winners according to the Rules.

4. The Host is the prize pledger under Articles 919 and 921 of the Civil Code of April 23, 1964, for participants registered in Poznań. The Host is also the originator of the rewards mentioned in the first phrase.

5. The Contest is held twice a year, in the spring and autumn.

6. The Host shall provide a location for the Organiser in Poznań to hold the Contest. Participants can register at the Host's premises or another location, as mentioned on the Organiser's website.

7. The aim of the Contest is to promote coding as a key competence of the future and to reveal young talents.


1. Participation in the Contest is entirely voluntary, but requires consent in accordance with Annex 1a/Annex 1b.

2. Before entering the Contest, the Participant must read the Contest's terms and conditions, as well as the contents of the Contest Regulations, which are available on the Organiser's website .

3. By entering the Competition, the Participant agrees to follow the terms outlined in the Organiser's regulations and confirms that he/she meets all of the requirements for participation in the Contest.

4. By submitting an application to participate in the Contest in the Poznań location, the Participant simultaneously accepts the provisions of these Rules.

5. Within the meaning of these Rules, a Participant of the Competition is a natural person with full legal capacity and a minor who is at least 16 years of age and has a written consent of a parent or legal guardian to participate in the Contest, and who registers on the Organiser's website in the Poznań location, and on the day of the Competition, at the time designated by the Organiser, arrives at the designated location and starts solving the Competition tasks on the Organiser's dedicated platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Participant").

6. In order for a minor to participate in the Contest, he/she must provide consent (Appendix 1b) given by the Participant's parent or legal guardian on the day of the Contest at the latest, prior to its commencement.

7. Participants are registered teams (more than one person) or individuals.

8. The Participant is obliged to have the necessary tools to participate in the Contest, namely a laptop and a charger. The host only provides space for the number of Participants specified, in each edition, and a network with Internet access.

9. The Participant's travel expenses to the venue of the Competition will not be reimbursed.

10. Parents or legal guardians of the Participant are responsible for the safety of the underage Participant during the journey to the Contest venue and for his/her return home.

11. The Participants, and in the case of a minor Participant his/her parents or legal guardians, are fully responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the forms attached to these Rules. Providing false, illegible or incomplete personal data or failing to provide such data at all will result in exclusion from the Contest. The Host shall not be liable for false data provided by the Participant, or in the case of a minor Participant - his/her parent or legal guardian. Provision of false data will result in the withdrawal of the right to the prize.


1. The Contest at the Poznań location takes place in two categories: #classic and/or #ai.

2. As part of the Contest, prizes will be awarded to the Participants who achieve 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, in each of the contest categories indicated in paragraph 1 above, in the ranking for the location of Poznań (hereinafter referred to as "Winners").

3. In a situation where a prize is awarded to a Winner registered as a team, the prize is awarded to the team and not to each individual in the team.

4. Prizes for the Winners may be:

a. Vouchers to the Komputronik S.A. online shop. (based at Wołczyńska 37, 60-003 Poznań) , by the equivalent of the awarded cash prize or,

b. cash prizes,

at the Host's discretion.

5. Prizes that are Vouchers are not exchangeable for a cash equivalent.

6. The selection of the Winners will be made by the Host team present at the venue of the Contest, immediately after the Contest is concluded by the Organiser. The decision of the Host team is final.

7. The host does not cover additional costs for the collection of prizes or, in the case of Voucher prizes, for their final use.

8. In order for the Prize to be handed over to the Winner, it is necessary to provide the Host, at the latter's request, with the data necessary for the Host to fulfil its obligations as an income tax payer on account of the Prize received by the Winner, including in particular such data as: name and surname, residential address, bank account number, date of birth, PESEL (Appendix 2a and/or Appendix 2b). The data must be provided no later than on the day of the end of the Contest. In the event of failure to provide the Host with the complete data referred to above, the prize may not be paid to the winner for reasons beyond the Host's control. Failure to provide the details referred to above will be tantamount to forfeiting the prize awarded by the Host. In random situations, the Host may extend the deadline for the Winner to submit data. After the expiry of the deadline indicated by the Host, the Winner's right to the prize will expire and the prize will remain at the disposal of the Host.

9. The prizes indicated in sec. 2 above are subject to taxation pursuant to Art. 30 sec. 1 item. 2 of the Personal Income Tax Act of 26 July 1991. The lump-sum income tax on prizes issued in the Contest will be covered in full by the Host and paid to the appropriate tax office.

10. The Host covers the cost of the prize tax of 11.11% of the value of the prize in question. In this case, the portion of the prize representing the added cash amount will not be paid to the Winner, but will be collected by the Host, before the prize is issued to the Winner, as a 10% flat rate income tax, on the total value of the prize.

11. It is the sole responsibility of the Host to collect and remit the tax due.


1. The Administrator of the Participants' Personal Data, within the scope of the tasks of the Contest Host, is the company General Logistics Systems Poland Sp. z o.o., at Tęczowa 10, Głuchowo, 62-052 Komorniki. The Administrator has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who can be contacted via the dedicated e-mail box: or by mail to the administrator's stated address.

2. Personal data will be processed in connection with the competition and for the promotion of the GLS brand and the promotion of learning to code as a key competence of the future.

3. Personal data may be shared with entities cooperating with the administrator, including entities providing support for the administrator's IT systems, as well as the administrator's social media audience.

4. The provision of data is voluntary. Without the provision of data, however, it is not possible to participate in the Contest.

5. The legal basis for processing Participants' personal data is:

  • the legitimate interest of the administrator, pursuant to Article 6(1)(f) of the RODO, consisting in supporting the Organiser in the execution of the Contest and in the performance of the tasks assigned to the Host (in particular: registration of participants in the facility provided, issuing of certificates, contact with Participants),
  • Consent of an adult Participant, to the Contest Host's use of his/her statements and image, recorded or captured in the form of photographs and video recordings during the Contest, in accordance with Article 6 (1)(a) of the RODO, constituting Appendix 1a,
  • Consent of the parent or legal guardian of the underage Participant, to the Contest Host's use of his/her statements and image, recorded or captured in the form of photographs and video recordings during the Contest, pursuant to Article 6 (1)(a) RODO, constituting Appendix 1b.

The legal basis for the processing of the personal data of the Contest Winners, in connection with the issuing of the prize, is described in the information on the Prize Acceptance Form.

6. The participant has the right to: access, rectification, deletion, and objection to processing as well as restriction of processing or data portability, and the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, which is the Polish supervisory authority for personal data protection.

7. Consent given may be withdrawn at any time. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

8. In order to exercise the rights indicated, including the revocation of the consent given, please contact the designated Data Protection Officer by post or email.

9. The data will be processed for the duration of the Contest and for the duration of the controller's legitimate interest as described above.


1. Each Participant has the right to withdraw from the Contest at any stage of its duration, i.e. from the moment of entry to the Contest until the official presentation of prizes by the Host. In this situation, the Participant is obliged to inform the Host of his/her withdrawal. Withdrawal is equivalent to forfeiting the right to the prize.

2. If the Host determines that a Participant has breached the Rules, the Participant will be excluded from the Contest.

3. The Host reserves the right to amend the provisions of these Rules.

4. All questions regarding the Contest and reports of irregularities in the Contest or in the operation of the dedicated platform - used to conduct the Contest - or technical solutions should be addressed directly to the Contest Organiser .

5. Any doubts regarding the provisions of these Rules, in particular regarding the awarding of prizes to the Contest Winners, shall be resolved by the Host.

6. The final and binding interpretation of the provisionś of these Regulations shall rest with the Host.

7. In matters not covered by these Rules, the relevant provisions of generally applicable law shall apply.

8. These Competition Rules will be available to Participants on the Host's website from March 8, 2024.

9. Up-to-date details about the Competition will be available on:

a. our fanpage ,

b. GLS website .

10. The Rules and Regulations take effect on March 8, 2024, and replace the Rules and Regulations of October 19, 2023.

General Logistics Systems Poland Sp. z o. o.

Appendix 1a. Consent to use the statements and image of an adult Participant
Appendix 1b. Consent to the use of statements and image and consent to the participation of a minor in the competition
Appendix 2a. Prize collection form - voucher
Appendix 2b. Prize collection form – cash prize