GLS is one of the logistic services providers with extensive infrastructure throughout Europe. As a result, it is possible to send a parcel to Ireland and the parcel will reach the Recipient within a short period of time. Our services range from occasional to regular deliveries - which is why GLS is the first choice when it comes to transporting goods in the context of companies and individuals.

How much does the parcel to Ireland cost?

The price of a parcel to Ireland in the context of occasional shipping by individuals depends on the size of the shipment. However, you must remember that GLS, thanks to its carefully designed logistic chain, is able to offer favorable rates even for large cargo reaching up to 40 kg. The maximum length of the parcel should not exceed 300 cm (the sum of the circumference and the longest side). How much does a parcel to Ireland cost? We invite you to get acquainted with specially prepared price list. In this simple way parcel senders can find out the rates for international transport for Euro IV zone. An excellent solution is also to use the calculator, which is available on our website. This tool, after getting to know your needs, will indicate how much does it cost to send a parcel to Ireland.

How to ship the parcel to Ireland?

Girl is shipping an internacional parcel to Ireland

Occasional shipping

To occasionally order a courier to Ireland, visit your local GLS Szybka Paczka points, of which there are more than 6000 in Poland, and the network is constantly expanding. You will leave your parcel there after filling in the label and the carrier will pick it up to deliver it to the Recipient. The advantage of this solution is great simplicity.

It is the Sender who decides when exactly the parcel to Ireland will be sent. However, we want to meet our customers' expectations, that is why GLS also offers ParcelVan service. The courier will pick up the parcel so that it arrives safely in Ireland.

Couple received an international parcel from Ireland

Regular shipping

GLS is also an attractive offer for companies which regularly send parcels abroad. In order to regularly send parcels to Ireland, it is best to use the EuroBusinessParcel service which is tailored to the needs of companies.

In this case, the service provided by GLS is individually adjusted to the customer's needs. The price for parcel to Ireland is always competitive, however, we will present the final costs once we get to know your requirements for transport services.

How long does a parcel to Ireland take to arrive?

It is important to know how long a parcel to Ireland takes. Systematic and occasional shipments are usually delivered within 4 working days. GLS transport services with FlexDeliveryService allow the Recipient to manage the shipment in an extremely convenient way. The Recipient can redirect the package to Ireland to another address or change the delivery date. So it is a functional option for both the courier and the Recipient. In addition, thanks to GLS website it is possible to verify how long the parcel is going to Ireland. It is enough to track the status of the parcel online.

What cannot be shipped to Ireland?

Shipping a parcel to the Ireland with GLS is affordable and efficient. However, you should know what you are not allowed to put in your parcel. The list of things excluded from carriage includes, among others:

  • alcohol,
  • tobacco and cigarettes,
  • flammable and explosive materials,
  • Works of art and goods of very high value (e.g. jewelry),
  • cash, money signs, vouchers,
  • live animals and plants.

For a complete list of items excluded from transportation, please refer to the Szybka Paczka / ParcelShop Regulations.

Terms and conditions

Services provided by GLS do not include shipping parcels to the Ireland to post office box addresses.

Parcels from Ireland

GLS operates in virtually all European countries. How to send a parcel from Ireland? As in Poland, the best solution is to visit a local ParcelShop. It is enough to leave the parcel in such a place and the courier will pick it up. In this way it is possible to send international parcels, including shipments to Poland.

The price of parcel to Ireland is very similar to the cost of sending from this country to Poland. The cost of service is affected by the size of cargo. Weight of international parcel should not exceed 40 kg and length (sum of circumference and longest side) not more than 300 cm. If the package meets these requirements, go to any ParcelShop. There are about 180 in Ireland, so it's easy to find a facility in any area.

We have explained how long a parcel to Ireland takes. In case of sending from Ireland to Poland the waiting time is exactly the same, usually 4 working days. This rule applies to both occasional and regular shipments. GLS remains an extremely attractive proposition in the context of sending a fast package to and from Ireland.

GLS is a logistic services provider that wants to make the process of sending and receiving shipments as easy as possible. For this reason, the list of goods excluded from transport is the same in Poland and Ireland. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions of service directly before sending the parcel by courier. In case of any doubts or questions, we remain at your disposal.