GLS courier to Austria is a guarantee of fast and safe transport at a good price. We provide services in almost whole Europe, realizing international transport of occasional and regular shipments. Our offer is used both by individuals and companies, which regularly ship parcels to Austria.

How much does the parcel to Austria cost?

How much does a parcel to Austria cost? When you order a courier through GLS, you do not have to worry about the price of transportation. Even international parcels are delivered quickly and at an affordable price. However, please note that the price of a parcel to Austria depends on the size of your order.

We pay special attention to the size of the parcel - we remind you that GLS regulations allow you to send goods in a package, the sum of the circumference and the longest side of which is not more than 300 cm. To find out how much does a parcel to Austria cost, it is worth getting acquainted with a specially designed calculator available on our website. The tool calculates the price for transport - all you need to do is provide the address of sending and receiving, as well as the dimensions of the parcel. Austria is located in Eurozone II, just like Belgium and Denmark.

How to ship the parcel to Austria?

Girl is shipping an internacional parcel to Austria

Occasional shipping

Parcel shipping to Austria can be accomplished by individuals through Szybka Paczka points. These are locations that offer this service - all you need to do is visit an outlet located in your area. Courier to Austria ordered in this way is an option favorable in economic terms, and the transport reaches the destination in a relatively short time.

The locations of Szybka Paczka points were created primarily for individual persons who are interested in sending parcels to Austria or other European countries. These facilities also serve domestic orders. Currently there are more than 6000 such facilities in Poland and their number is constantly growing. However, if you want to order a courier to Austria who will personally take the package from your home, use the ParcelVan service.

Couple received an international parcel from Austria

Regular shipping

GLS also has a special offer for regular parcel shippers to Austria. This is the EuroBusinessParcel service, which is adapted to the needs of companies who regularly send parcels abroad. Thanks to the continuous development of our logistics infrastructure we are able to provide international deliveries within a short period of time and at an affordable price.

Courier to Austria ordered by EuroBusinessParcel is an offer individually tailored to the needs of a particular organization. Deliveries are on time and carried out safely. Please note, however, that parcel delivery to Austria includes parcels weighing no more than 40 kg. Due to the nature of the EuroBusinessParcel service, this offer is used, among others, by e-commerce Internet stores, which regularly ship parcels abroad.

How long does a parcel to Austria take to arrive?

Shipping a parcel to Austria with GLS is easy and inexpensive. We provide professional courier services, so the shipped package can be tracked by the Sender and the Recipient. Parcel tracking allows you to check how long a parcel is going to Austria. Most often the transport time for occasional and regular deliveries takes two working days. However, it is worth remembering that the EuroBusinessParcel service assumes that the courier has 48 to 96 hours for delivery. Remember that with GLS you don't have to think about how long the parcel is going to Austria and whether the parcel will reach the Recipient on time. All you have to do is track your parcel to keep the situation under control.

What cannot be shipped to Austria?

Shipping a parcel to the Austria with GLS is affordable and efficient. However, you should know what you are not allowed to put in your parcel. The list of things excluded from carriage includes, among others:

  • Alcohol,
  • Tobacco and cigarettes,
  • Flammable and explosive materials,
  • Works of art and goods of very high value (e.g. jewelry),
  • Cash, money signs, vouchers,
  • Live animals and plants.

For a complete list of items excluded from transportation, please refer to the Szybka Paczka / ParcelShop Regulations.

Terms and conditions

When preparing a package to Austria, remember that the shipment cannot be delivered to a post office box, hotel, guesthouse or hostel address.

Parcels from Austria

GLS operates in many European countries, not only in Poland. Thanks to this, people being in Austria can use our courier services. How to do this? To send a parcel you can use the ParcelShop, which operates on exactly the same principles as in Poland.

In Austria there are about 800 of them, which significantly speeds up the process of sending a package. To find a ParcelShop abroad you can use the search engine available on our website.

The price of a fast parcel to Austria depends on the size of the shipment. When sending a parcel from this country to Poland, this factor also plays the most important role when determining the price for transportation.

However, it should be remembered that the sum of the circumference and the longest side cannot be larger than 300 cm. At the same time the longest side should be shorter than 200 cm. The maximum permissible weight of parcels from Austria to Poland is 31.5 kg.

Fast parcel delivery to Austria is not all that GLS offers. Also, courier deliveries from this country to Poland are carried out within reasonable deadlines. The average delivery time is three working days. At the same time, we guarantee tracking of shipments even beyond the country's borders.

All items excluded from transport for GLS parcels from Austria can be found in the regulations posted on the website dedicated to this region. However, it is worth knowing that these are the things which are not accepted also by couriers in Poland. So it is forbidden to send among others alcohol, tobacco, as well as valuable items and cash.