Are you looking for courier services in Wieluń? GLS connects us to customers in big cities, small towns, and rural alike. Residents of Wieluń, a 20,000-person city, can use GLS Szybka Paczka points to send and receive parcels by courier. Our city branch office is located at 3 Głowackiego Street, postcode 98-300, and you can also use one of the 13 GLS Szybka Paczka points. They make it quick and simple for you to send and collect parcels at times that are convenient for you. What exactly do we offer?

It can be convenient for businesses that send parcels on a regular basis to use the courier service in Wieluń. Your parcels can be collected by a GLS employee. However, this is not only a business answer. Even if you only send once in a while, you could find this service beneficial.

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The Szybka Paczka points - Wieluń

Wieluń has a lot of GLS Szybka Paczka points, as you are already know. Check to see which one is in the best location for you. Remember that you can send a parcel to Poland as well as many other European countries and continents. A domestic parcel is usually delivered to its recipient the next working day. It takes between 48 and 96 hours in Europe.

Check the GLS terms and conditions before sending a parcel. Determine what parameters a parcel may have and what it should not have. The maximum weight is 31.5 kg, and the circumference plus the longest side cannot exceed 300 cm. Look over the other standards you need to follow.

Of course, we provide courier services not only in Wieluń, but also in many other places throughout Poland. The network of GLS Szybka Paczka points is continually growing to bring our services as close to you as possible. There are currently over 6,000 of them in Poland. Check out our offer in cities other than Wieluń.

Use the search engine available on our website to check where to send or receive courier shipments in Wieluń closest to you.

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Parcel shipping - Wieluń

You may send your parcel within the opening hours of the aforementioned GLS Szybka Paczka points. They are mostly found at supermarkets. They might be available in the evenings and on weekends. This is an excellent option if you do not know whether you will be able to hand over your packages to the courier at the agreed-upon place. Pack the parcel and go to the point. Alternatively, you can do the packing when you arrive, but make sure the boxes and other necessary supplies are ready. Not all centres provide packing supplies. Fill out the label, which will be placed on the package. You will be provided with a tracking number. It allows you to track the location of the parcel. Above all, the recipient will benefit from this information. If the recipient notices that the courier will come when they are not present, they can redirect the parcel to a point.

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Global parcels

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