Do you live in Tarnów, a town in the Małopolska voivodship with a population of over 3,000 people? GLS Poland wants to be as close to you as possible, which is why we provide our services in small towns as well. In Tarnów, you can benefit from the services of a reliable, punctual, and professional courier. In the neighbouring town, there is one branch and a GLS Szybka Paczka point at Śmigno 139, postcode 33-140, where you can send or collect your parcel at your convenience. Which GLS services are available in Tarnów?

You can send packages not only at the aforementioned locations, but also hand them over directly to the courier. This is a wonderful option, particularly for businesses who send parcels on a regular basis. People who send occasionally can also use this option. In this situation, the parcel is picked up by the courier at an agreed-upon place. With this solution, you don't have to go anywhere. Simply prepare the parcel and hand it over to the GLS courier.

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The Szybka Paczka points - Tarnów

You can send a parcel to many towns and cities in Poland. GLS Szybka Paczka locations include both city centers and rural areas. There are already over 6,000 such locations in Poland, and we are constantly developing our network to guarantee that our courier services are as close to you as possible.

Use our search engine to find the location where you can send your package the quickest. As you know, there is one such location near Tarnów at your disposal. Our branch is located at Śmigno 139, postal code 33-140, in the nearby town of Lisia Góra. Check our policies and prepare your package properly. It should not weigh more than 31.5 kg, and its circumference and longest side should not exceed 300 cm.

Use the search engine available on our website to check where to send or receive courier shipments in Tarnów closest to you.

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Parcel shipping - Tarnów

Do you need a reliable courier service in Tarnow? You can rely on GLS Poland. Your town has a GLS Szybka Paczka point. You can send or collect packages there. You do not need to arrange for a courier to come to your house to pick up your package. Simply go to a GLS point at a time that works for you. Check our website ahead of time to see when you may use the service.

Do you want to send a package? Packing things at home is the best option. You can also do it at a depot, but make sure they offer the boxes and other items you require ahead of time. You will need to fill out a label on the spot and stick it to the parcel. This will provide you with a tracking number for your package. You'll know exactly where it is.

When the courier arrives with the delivery, the recipient can use the tracking tool to determine whether they will be at home when it arrives. If not, they have the option of redirecting the parcel to a specific location. This is a really convenient alternative, especially for people who are unsure whether they will be able to pick up a parcel at a specific time on a given day. They can tailor the delivery arrangements to their needs and schedule constraints thanks to redirection.

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