Shipment systems

Optimum combination: current data management systems should be fast, reliable and easy to integrate. GLS customers have access to modern and uniform, but at the same time, flexible shipment systems adjusted to any requirements and volumes.

ADE-Plus Parcel shipment management web application

ADE-Plus is a web application allowing for management of the whole transport process via the Internet. It supports any web browser and it needs only an Internet access to use it.
Thanks to ADE-Plus, customers have constant access to information in one location, being always “at hand”. Thanks to the WebAPI service, it is very simple to integrate ADE-PLUS with Customer systems.
By using this application you can for example generate 2D labels for parcels, manage recipients data online, view and download e-invoices, place Pick&Ship and Pick&Return orders, import and export your own address book as well as download auctions and address data from
ADE-Plus also provides access to such functionalities as reporting and generating statistics – for example, Customers can create statistics online for shipping parcels, receive Cash-Service transfer reports, create reports according to costing location as well as view and print invoice specifications.

This is a perfect solution for companies that:

want to reduce the amount of paperwork

expect the capacity to import and export their own address book

want to generate parcel statistics

regularly ship from 50 to 2,000 parcels a month

GLSI-Plus Parcel shipment management application

GLSI is an application for Customers who manage depots as part of their business operations. This can be installed on PCs with Windows operating systems. It operates in a local database, as well as in the LAN. It can be used in off-line mode. It is easy to integrate it with an ERP system used by the Customer.
Labels can be printed by using UNIBOX service to be installed on customer’s PC on the GLS side. Data is sent to GLS automatically via an Internet connection.

This is a perfect solution for companies that:

use its own ERP/warehousing system and want to integrate it with label printing

expect a solution installed on PCs operating in a LAN

expect a solution independent of constant Internet connection

regularly send from 500 to 3,000 parcels a month

UniBox Automatic data exchange with GLS

UniBox is a server based on Linux operating system used to manage all aspects of shipping process, including label printing and data exchange with GLS. It connects with ERP systems of an individual company via specific interfaces. This it the one that “directs” your parcels directly to the correct delivery route and allows for bi-directional parcel data transmission.

Perfect for the companies that:

use their own ERP system

regularly send over 2,000 parcels a month

YourGLS Online shipment

YourGLS is a password-protected GLS web portal – it provides access to all tools needed to ship your parcels quickly and easily. Users can login in the YourGLS section on the website. It does not need any additional software.

A perfect solution for the companies that:

ship parcels very rarely

regularly ship about 5 parcels a day

Transport offer tailored to your needs

A precise cost of shipping a parcel depends on your needs and requirements. If you ship parcels regularly, GLS will provide you with an individual quotation with pricing of products and services to meet your expectations. Transport costs are specified based on different factors of which the decisive one is the shipment structure.

Flexible services and shipment options

Decent transport costs

Comprehensive experts’ advisory services including GLS services and transport costs

High quality, reasonable transport costs

Together with you, GLS customer advisers will find the best combination of products and services. It will allow us to fulfil your individual expectations – as a result, you will get only what you really need, which will reflect also the cost of shipping a parcel.

Price calculator

Find out easily and quickly, which products and services combination is possible and appropriate for your shipment.

Individual IT integration

Both for low and high volumes – GLS offers shipment system adjusted to individual needs.

Low volumes

Attractive services for Senders with volumes up to 200 parcel a month. Order a quotation now.


Product calculator

Shipping goods using GLS services allows you to combine standard products with additional services at your discretion. It means that a parcel delivery can be adjusted to your individual requirements and, of course, to your customer needs. Check what combination will be the most advantageous for you.

Reliable parcel delivery

GLS parcel carriage means that they reach their destination quickly and safely.

A reliable parcel delivery within a specified standard delivery time is a GLS asset. Domestic parcels usually arrive at their destinations on the next working day (overnight). In Europe the delivery time usually ranges from 48 to 96 hours. GLS delivers parcels from Monday to Friday in standard working hours.


Thanks to FlexDeliveryService, GLS customers and their parcel recipients gain additional capacity:

e-mail message sent in advance with a delivery notice,
the widest on the market range of delivery options for Recipients – available thanks to links sent in e-mail messages.

Sending to private individuals is simpler and simpler, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Shipments to private recipients become less complicated, while customer satisfaction grows. FlexDeliveryService is available for domestic and transborder parcels from Poland to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, the UK and Italy.

Basic product in the domestic parcel delivery.

A reliable standard product in the domestic parcel delivery: business parcel weighing up to 31.5 kg delivered by GLS safely and quickly within Poland.

A business parcel does not have any limitations if it comes to distance. Standard delivery time obligatory for the whole of Poland is the next working day, also, if the parcel is sent from and to remote areas.

Delivery usually overnight on the next working day
Liability to the amount limited by the value of goods (max.PLN 6,000 per parcel).
Tracking shipment in real time
Digital recipient signature available online
Second delivery attempt included; in the case of individual recipients the delivery to a Szybka Paczka GLS point


A basic product of European parcel delivery.

A reliable international transport: GLS delivers parcels in the whole Europe.

Precisely coordinated regular transports and modern sorting facilities link individual countries. Thanks to our extended network and a uniform system, your parcels are delivered to Recipients within 48–96 hours almost in the whole territory of Europe.

The quality of services is at the same high level in the whole of Europe – this the top class international transport.

Handing over within a standard delivery time of 48–96 hours
Liability as per terms and regulations in force
Constantly monitored transport of international parcels, in many countries in real time
Digital signature of Recipient
Second delivery attempt included; in the case of individual recipients the delivery to a ParcelShop GLS point (if the service is available in a specific country)


GLS standard products and express delivery can be individually combined with a big number of value adding services.

Additional services
Standard products and an express delivery in GLS can be combined with value adding services to tailor them to individual needs.

Shipment services
Regular shipment
Attractive business-to-business and business-to-customer shipment solutions for companies – within the country and abroad.

Send business parcels
Express service
GLS hands over domestic parcels up to 10.00 am or 12.00 pm overnight (on the next working day). Saturday deliveries are also possible.
Express delivery

Additional services

Attractive business-to-business and business-to-customer shipment solutions for companies – within the country and abroad.

Business shipment – regular shipment
Carrying parcels makes up our basic scope of operation, GLS provides reliable parcel carriage services for companies independently of its size and sector – domestic and international, business-to-business and business-to-customer types. GLS possesses adequate transport solutions for your parcels, your company and your customers.

Regular shipment

GLS hands over domestic parcels up to 10.00 am or 12.00 pm on the next working day. Saturday deliveries are also possible.

Express products

Express shipment – for GLS the most important factors are speed and punctuality.

A domestic express shipment is always combined with one of the TimeDefiniteServices. This is the Sender who decides if the parcel will be delivered before 10.00 am or 12.00 pm on the next working day. Express shipments can be also delivered on Saturdays.
If the parcel does not arrive on time, the costs of service will be returned. Your benefits include: courier services and express from one supplier.
GLS notifies Recipients by e-mail about the time of delivery for their express shipment – the message includes detailed information including planned delivery time and, for the majority of cases, a three-hour time range, when the delivery driver is supposed to arrive.

This free service is automatically enabled provided that the Sender along with express parcel provides Recipient’s e-mail address.

Express shipment