Passion grows with every mile!

World Bicycle Day is an excellent opportunity to gear up for the summer season and ensure that every bike ride is even more enjoyable.

Parcels to the finish line, start!

Do you run, press weights, swim or maybe you skate? Be a master of your discipline, go for personal records and enjoy your passion! We will make sure that the necessary equipment arrives on time.

Cats demand, humans deliver!

A flick of the tail on the leg, a long look that makes you think and a lovely soft paw on the shoulder. Cats know exactly how to take care of their needs and show their owners what is on their minds.

Smile from parcel to parcel

By smiling often, we extend our lives by an average of 7 years. On Smile Day, we take special care of your good mood, as we deliver things and items conveniently and on time - exactly where they should go.

Cloudflight Coding Contest

Encouraged by the positive reception of the previous edition, we are pleased to announce that on October 20, we will again be one of the three Polish organizers of the autumn edition of the Cloudflight Coding Contest!

Feel the joy of the scholl pack - complete your school kit today!

Be prepared with excellence for the first bell. Order school supplies online from the best shops and pick them up offline from the GLS courier or at the Szybka Paczka point.

Feel the call of freedom with GLS and pay for your shipments the way you want.

Our couriers are not only flexible in delivering parcels, but will also match you in terms of payment. Full freedom and various options for choosing their forms make it easy to receive your package. It is convenient and fast.

Parcel connects people. Celebrate Friendship Day

Together is better, and nothing cements friendship like a special gift. If you want to make sure it gets to someone in your pack on time - send it with us. Celebrate Friendship Day (July 30).

Doggies love our packages

Woof, Woof! What makes your dog the happiest? The word "walk", a fresh bone, or maybe... a GLS package? On National Dog Day, we deliver gifts to our doggies.

You spoil, we deliver! - Celebrate Children's Day with us!

We have a way to put a broad smile on every child's face - we deliver their dream gifts. Order a gift from a shop of one of our partners and we will deliver it to you or to the nearest Szybka Paczka point.