Unreached recipient

GLS always tries to deliver the parcel directly to the recipient's address on the first attempt. If it is not possible to deliver the parcel to the recipient on the first attempt, GLS follows a verified procedure so that the parcel is successfully delivered to the recipient.

In the event that the recipient is avaialble at the first attempt at delivery, another member of the household may receive the parcel.

The recipient can, for example, request storage in the nearest GLS ParcelShop, or at a neighbor. GLS will ask the recipient's neighbors if they are willing to receive the parcel. After the parcel is deposited, a confirmation message is sent to the recipient with the address of ParcelShop or the name of the neighbor who has the parcel.

Unless the recipient has given another instruction in the meantime, another attempt to deliver to the original address is made automatically on the third working day.

If the recipient is not found in the second delivery attempt, the parcel is returned to the depot. And on the fifth working day, GLS makes the third and last delivery attempt to the original address.

If the parcel is not delivered on the third attempt, GLS returns it to the sender.