Press Releases

Celebrate together with parcel carrier GLS International Parcel Day

The pan-European tradition of celebrating International Parcel Day dates back to 2015. In the Czech Republic, the GLS shipping company has traditionally been involved. The aim of the event is to appreciate the work of couriers. This year, the carrier has prepared a fun quiz competition for families with children. Up to six hundred contestants will be in GLS outlets will be given a prize pack with the Travel Activities game from Albi and GLS memory game. In addition, three grand prizes of an iPhone 13 Mini are up for grabs.

The number of Czechs who pay by card online every week is three times higher than 5 years ago

In the last 5 years, the number of people who shop online and pay by card every week. Paying by card or using Apple or Google Pay is one of the most popular methods ever. More than half of Czechs use it. However, this number has been rising for the last two years. has been stagnant for the last two years. Cash on delivery has also remained steady despite the fees charged.

Package GLS has connected with the AlzaBox network

International parcel carrier GLS has started delivering parcelsparcels from e-shops outside of its GLS ParcelBox machines to the AlzaBox network. The company is reacting to the long-term growing popularity of parcel machines, which are now actively used by one in five Czechs.

Package GLS is expanding its network of outlets in the Czech Republic by adding its own self-service boxes

International parcel carrier GLS now launches in the Czech RepublicGLS Parcel Boxes in the Czech Republic. There will be 85 of them in pilot operation across the country this season.

Christmas in a package. Carrier GLS launches campaign to to encourage people to get to know GLS Parcel Shop drop-off points.

The popularity of independent carrier dispensaries is growing year on year. Currently 39 people use them when ordering goods from e-shops, 8 p.p. more than last year. This is according to a survey conducted by GLS via Instant Research. The parcel carrier is now launching a campaign called Christmas in a Parcel to support its network of outlets, with the chance to win an e-bike or e-scooter from e-bike specialists. The aim is to motivate people to also to use GLS drop-off points, which are constantly expanding in number, and to contribute to a more sustainable way of transporting parcels.

GLS couriers have been delivering gifts to children's homes free of charge for 12 years

For the twelfth year, the parcel carrier GLS has been involved in the traditional project Daruj hračku (Give a toy), in which it transports gifts for children from children's homes and social care institutions free of charge. Last year, couriers transported a total of 4,512 packages weighing 6 tonnes and worth CZK 6.5 million.

Czechs save wherever they can. Increasingly, they are avoiding cash-on-delivery fees and paying mainly online

More people are choosing to pay online by card when buying goods in online stores. More than half of Czechs 55 Young people aged 18 to 26 pay online most often by card or with Apple or Google Pay. It turns out that Czechs are more thrifty when shopping online and consider every unnecessary expense. Interest in cash on delivery continues to decline. In the last 7 years, by up to 17 pp. conducted by GLS via Instant research.

Package GLS will again support small entrepreneurs in the popular eWoman and eManuel competitions

The international parcel carrier GLS in cooperation with the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Czech Republic will again support women entrepreneurs and small craft producers in the beginning or development of their business. The three best business stories from both categories will be rewarded with a voucher for the e-Balík Profi service, which provides tailor-made shipping for entrepreneurs.

The Twelfth year of the Bike to Work project helped save 811 tonnes of carbon dioxide

Over 24,000 people from all over the country cycled, scooted, walked or ran to work in May. As part of the 12th edition of the Bike to Work project, 811 tonnes of CO2 emissions were saved. The parcel carrier GLS, which has long been committed to reducing emissions, again took part in the project as a general partner.

Wherever you need it. GLS has launched a campaign to improve the GLS Parcel Shop network

Is your city, town, street or favourite shop missing a drop-off and delivery point for your parcels International parcel carrier GLS has launched a campaign to expand and improve its Parcel Shop network across the Czech Republic. The campaign, called Everywhere You Need, started a few days ago and has already generated over 40 interesting tips and suggestions for new drop-off points. The GLS Parcel Shop network is currently one of the fastest growing networks of drop-off points on the Czech market.