As an international transport expert, GLS offers its parcel delivery services to companies of various sizes, as well as to individuals.

E-shops with large volumes of regularly sent shipments will find in GLS a strong partner with a low rate of shipment damage, strong customer orientation, and above all high quality delivery.
B2B Companies
Companies that do not run an e-shop, but still dispatch parcel volumes, can benefit from reliable GLS services with high delivery quality and a wide range of additional services.
Solution for e-shops and companies with fewer parcels
Thanks to e-Balik PROFI, even companies with fewer packages can take advantage of GLS professional services.
Private senders
For households or individuals who sends one or a few parcels a year, GLS has a solution. Occasional senders can submit parcels through GLS ParcelShop or order pickup via e-Balík.

Information for senders