Parcel redirection

In case the recipient is not present at the given address or they need to deliver the parcel in other way, GLS offers several possible solutions.

Provided the sender has established FlexDeliveryService for the parcel delivery, the recipient can set the parcel delivery process based on own needs. For every parcel sent with FlexDeliveryService the recipient gets an e-mail with a link to our on-line Delivery manager application with which he/she can opt for one of five delivery options.

Available redirection possibilities:

The recipient can choose the date of parcel delivery within four business days following the first attempt of delivery.

The parcel can be redirected to any address within the Czech Republic based on the recipient's preference. It can be a workplace address, or an address of a family member who can receive the parcel.

Our large network of GLS pick-up points is a great choice. It allows recipients to pick up their parcels at a time of their choosing, in a convenient location. Our online Delivery Manager allows you to choose any Parcel Shop in the Czech Republic. The parcel will then remain in that Parcel Shop for five business days and it can be collected anytime during its opening hours. In GLS Parcel Box or AlzaBox you will have three days to pick up the parcel.

Pick-up points finder

Provided the parcel is not a cash-on-delivery parcel, or to be delivered in hands, GLS can be granted with an approval to deposit it at a chosen site in the near vicinity of the delivery address. GLS leaves the parcel at the chosen site, and the receiver does not depend on the delivery time. The approval to deposit is valid only for parcels for which it was explicitly granted, via an e-mail or a link, not for further parcels delivered by GLS.

The parcel can be refused online. This can be used when the recipient has not ordered the goods or has withdrawn from the purchase contract. In such cases, GLS returns the parcel back to the sender.

Shipment redirection without FlexDeliveryService

If the parcel is not sent with FlexDeliveryService, the recipient does not have access to the Delivery manager application and can only change the address with the help of our customer center, by e-mail.

All you have to do is send a message to with the shipping number of the parcel, the original and new delivery address, and possibly also a new contact person (including the phone number) who will receive the parcel on behalf of the recipient.