Network of GLS Parcel Shops

GLS Parcel Shops form a comprehensive network of more than 40,000 drop-off and pick-up points across Europe. Parcel Shops are located in the premises of the contracted partners and serve as a convenient way to send and pick up parcels transported in the GLS transport network.

Advantages of GLS Parcel Shop

More than 1.400 Parcel Shops
Everywhere you need
Without waiting in line
Use your time better
Easy parcel dispatch
Fast, cheap, online with our e-Balík.
Long opening hours
Available for everyone
Great for bigger parcels
Max. weight 10 kg and length 100 cm.

How does GLS Parcel Shop work?

Every GLS Parcel Shop in Czech Republic can be used to sending and picking up parcels.

1. Choosing delivery in the e-shop

The recipient chooses delivery to any GLS Parcel Shop when ordering goods from an e-shop.

2. Additional parcel redirection

The recipient of the parcel chooses delivery to any Parcel Shop during the parcel delivery process using our online parcel redirection.

3. Informing about parcel delivery

At the moment of delivery to a collection site, the recipient receives an SMS message with the PIN code for the parcel collection.

4. Recipient has five days for pick-up

If the recipient is not able to pick up the parcel within five working days, he can request an extension of the storage period for another three working days on the telephone number 567 771 111.

5. Payment of COD

The cash-on-delivery amount can be paid in cash on in some Parcel Shops by card.

6. Reminder in case the parcel is not picked up

In the event that the end of the storage period is approaching and the parcel has still not been picked up, GLS sends a reminder SMS message with information about the expiration of the period, after which the parcel will be returned to the sender.

How to send from GLS Parcel Shop

1. Create a label online

Easily create an address label using the online e-Balik app.

2. Pack and label the parcel

Pack your package properly and apply the label from the e-Balik app.

3. Handover the parcel

Choose the closest GLS Parcel Shop for fast and convenient parcel dispatch.

4. GLS will deliver the parcel

GLS will take care of the rest and deliver the parcel the next day.

parcel shop owner in her shop

How to become a GLS Parcel Shop

GLS Parcel Shops are located in the stores of our partners. Let's benefit from mutually beneficial cooperation.

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How to integrate direct delivery to GLS Parcel Shops

Offer your e-shop customers direct delivery to GLS Parcel Shop with ShopDeliveryService.

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