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Parcel recipients

Domestic parcels are usually delivered the next working day after being handed over to GLS by the sender. For parcels to neighboring European countries, standard delivery times are usually 48 hours to close countries, and up to 72 to 120 hours for more distant countries. The stated times are informative and are not guaranteed. Delivery takes place on working days during normal working hours.

Track and Trace

With our Track & Trace online parcel tracking function, you can see where your parcel is and in which part of the transport process it is. After entering the shipping number of the parcel, its history is displayed immediately.

Where is my parcel?

As part of the standard delivery process, GLS makes three delivery attempts to the specified recipient address. If the recipient is not available, the procedure is as follows:

1. In the event that the recipient is not found during the first attempt at delivery, the parcel may be received by another person staying in the recipient's household.

2. GLS tries to establish communication with the recipient and agree with him on a suitable alternative that day. The recipient can, for example, request storage in the nearest GLS ParcelShop, or at a neighbor. After saving, a confirmation message is sent to the recipient with the address of ParcelShop or the name of the neighbor who received the parcel.

3. If the parcel could not be handed over, it is returned to the GLS delivery depot. Unless the recipient has given another instruction in the meantime, a second delivery attempt to the original address is made automatically on the third working day.

4. If the consignee is not found in the second attempt at delivery, the parcel is returned to the depot and on the fifth working day, GLS makes the third and final attempt at delivery to the original address.

5. If the parcel is not delivered on the third attempt, GLS returns it to the sender.

GLS offers many alternative delivery options. You can choose whether a neighbor or another person will receive the parcel for you, to have the parcel delivered to a GLS ParcelShop or even to your job. You can request the change via the GLS DeliveryManager web application using the link you received in our notification message, or you can contact GLS customer service and choose an alternative delivery with our assistance.

Yes. If you are not at home, the driver can leave your parcel with a neighbor if you agree. Delivery to a neighbor can be requested via the GLS DeliveryManager web application according to the link in our information email, or via GLS customer service. The neighbor will confirm the receipt to the courier in his own name, which we will then inform you in the report on the delivery.

Yes. If it was not possible to deliver your parcel, you can also choose to have that parcel delivered to one of our GLS pick up points. You request it when the courier calls, or via the GLS DeliveryManager web application, using the link from the GLS information e-mail. Then you have five working days, during which you have to pick up the parcel from the ParcelShop or three calendar days from the ParcelBox.To pick up the parcel, you only need the PIN code, which you will receive in an automatic SMS message confirming the storage of the parcel in the pick up point.

The GLS pick up network evenly covers the entire territory of the Czech Republic and is constantly growing. You can easily and quickly find the nearest GLS ParcelShop, GLS ParcelBox or AlzaBox and its exact location and opening hours by clicking the button below.

Find your nearest Pick up point

Yes. After delivery to the ParcelShop, you will receive an SMS with the PIN code for collection. You can pass it on to a person who will then pick up the parcel for you.

Yes, for the second delivery attempt, you can instruct GLS to leave the parcel in the agreed place, such as your garage. You can provide your instructions via the GLS DeliveryManager web application, using the link from the information email or via the GLS customer service.

If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, you have the option to choose from the following options:

  • Second attempt to deliver to the same address on the day you specify (max. 5 working days)
  • Delivery to another address on the day you specify.
  • Delivery of the parcel to the GLS ParcelShop of your choice. Then you have five working days to pick up the parcel.
  • Consent to save the parcel. The GLS driver can deliver your parcel to the place specified by you, even if no one is present.
  • Refusal to accept - the parcel is returned to the sender.
  • Picking up the parcel at the GLS depot - the parcel remains in the depot and you can pick it up there within five working days.

You can return the parcel via GLS ParcelShop or you can order its collection using the e-Parcel online portal.

Return goods

Payment by credit card is possible at the courier, GLS ParcelShops and GLS ParcelBoxes. In case of delivery to AlzaBox, payment by credit card is not possible.

The sender is responsible for the proper packaging of the goods. If the packaging is damaged in any way from the outside - for example, the box is torn, you can refuse to accept the parcel - GLS returns the parcel to the sender.

If you decide to accept a visibly damaged package, the courier will write a damage report with you, which will then be used to resolve the claim with the sender - the customer of the transport. It is not possible to check the contents before taking over the package.

If you take over an apparently intact parcel and only find out that the contents are damaged after opening it, this fact needs to be documented as best as possible. We recommend that you take photos of the contents and the method of packaging immediately and, if possible, keep the original packaging. Complaints must be made to the sender no later than 3 working days from receipt of the parcel.

Check the delivery status of your parcel using the online Track & Trace application. Enter the parcel number provided by the sender - if he has not done so, ask him for it. If you still do not know the advice, you can contact our customer service. Always have the shipping number of the parcel ready, without which it is not possible to find any information in our system.


If the shipment tracking system states "data received", we have received a data file from the sender's IT system containing information about the shipment. At this point, the parcel has not yet been physically handed over for shipment, and is with the sender. We recommend waiting for the next working day and if the status does not change even then, contact the sender.

The shipping numbers of the parcel are always generated by the sender himself, who directly provides the parcels with shipping labels. If the sender did not inform you under which number he sent the shipment, contact him directly and request the number.

First, make sure that the shipper has not split the goods into multiple parcels. Each of the parcels has its own unique number, which can then be used to track the current status on Track&Trace. If you have already received all the parcels and still the goods are not complete, contact the sender directly.

If the sender provides us with contact information and chooses FlexDeliveryService, the recipient is informed according to his instructions by e-mail or SMS. The message contains information about the scheduled delivery time in the form of a three-hour time window. However, if this service is not activated by the sender, the time window information is only available in the GLS information system. Based on the shipping number of the parcel, this information will be provided to you by our customer service upon request.

Never. The GLS information system searches the parcel history only on the basis of its shipping number.

You can download the Confirmation of COD payment for the delivered parcel by the GLS courier to the address here . Electronic confirmation of COD is available no earlier than the next working day after delivery.

Private senders

Solve your parcel delivery with our online e-Balík portal.

You can order a parcel pickup by a courier directly at your address or tou can hand it over at any GLS ParcelShop in the Czech Republic. Well packed parcels can be also brought directly into ParcelShops.

Get more info at www.e-balik.cz

Find a ParcelShop

Prices for occasional senders using our e-Balík online portal depend on parcel sizes or their weights. You choose which parameter will be used to calciulte the price. If you send parcels directly from a GLS ParcelShop, you will only be able to use the weight option. Prices with all taxes and VAT are available at our website or you can calculate them in e-Balík before order sending.

Parcels from GLS ParcelShops and sent through the e-Balík online portal can be sent to all European destinations with which we a duty-free zone.

More on sending throughout Europe

National parcels are usually delivered on next business day following their picking-up. For parcels to adjacent European countries, the standard delivery time takes 24 to 48 hours and to more distant countries, 72 up to 120 hours. Given delivery times are indicative and are not guaranteed. GLS delivers parcels from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 17 PM. You can find the exact location with our online transport tracking.

Parcel tracking

You can send your parcel anywhere from any GLS ParcelShop in the Czech Republic. With our online e-Balík portal, you can ask for a GLS courier to pick-up your parcel at your address.

ParcelShop finder

Find your nearest GLS pick up point here. Simply use our practical Pick up point finder and search instructions.

Pick up point finder

Yes, through our e-Balík portal. GLS provides a comfortable and reliable online tool with which you can simply ensure sending of your parcels directly from your computer. No further software nor registration is necessary.

More information

Yes, GLS can also request a parcel pickup if you use the e-Balík online portal.

With e-Balík portal no registration is needed.

More information

The parcel shall not exceed following dimensions:

  • length: 200 cm
  • width: 80 cm
  • height: 60 cm
  • total perimeter: 300 cm
  • total perimeter calculation: 2 x height + 2 x width + 1 x longest side
  • For a parcel sending in GLS ParcelShop the maximum allowable length is 100 cm.
  • In a GLS ParcelBox, the maximum permitted length is 50 cm.
  • In an AlzaBox, the maximum permitted length is 68 cm.

The maximum parcel weight is 10 kg for sending via GLS ParcelShop, or 40 kg in case of pick-up by a courier or hand-over directly in a depot.

The company usually excludes from the transport any insufficiently or unusually packed goods. Computers (for ex. desk computers or notebooks) shall be transported only in proper wrapping. Among others, the following are excluded from the transport:

  • parcels with articles of which value exceeds 125.000 CZK.
  • articles requiring specific careful handling (for ex. fragile goods)
  • goods being subject to deterioration or requiring a controlled temperature
  • animals and plants
  • human or animal remains
  • parcels with P.O.Box address
  • special valuable items (gold, precious metals and stones, jewelry, real pearls, works of aft, antiquities)
  • phone cards and pre-paid mobile phone cards
  • weapons, ammunition, explosives, etc.
  • tires
  • goods listed in ADR list (for international transport of dangerous goods on public roads) or IATA list (for air transport) as dangerous goods
  • tobacco and spirits (sent abroad)

Further information are available in instructions for transport and in Business terms and conditions of e-Balík portal and Business terms and conditions relating to GLS ParcelShop clients

Business terms and conditions

When you pack your goods, always consider its type, weight and resistance. External wrapping, inside filling, adhesive tape for wrap sealing as well as address label are all important.

More information

With the parcel tracking function, you can always track your parcel online. Just enter the parcel number and your parcel's status will be displayed.

Parcel tracking

No, no express delivery of parcels through GLS ParcelShop nor through online e-Balík portal is possible.

All parcels are automatically insured at the value of CZK 6.000 per each parcel. GLS is responsible for loss or damages of parcels that it holds. The legal responsibility does not cover any subsequent damages, as for ex. profit losses. In any case, the claim shall be applied by the delivery ordering party, i.e. by the sender.

The goods value shall be documented with its purchase price. In case of used goods, the current usual price is considered, in case of goods obtained in auction with its auction price whichever is the lowest. Find more information in the Claim procedure page of GLS Czech Republic.

Complaint procedure

You can send as many parcels as you wish.

Provided it is a delivery at a private address and the recipient is not found at home for the first time, and no alternative hand-over is not successful, the courier takes the parcel to GLS depot. Provided the recipient gives no other instructions, a second delivery attempt is made on third business day from the parcel sending.

The last delivery attempt is made on the fifth business day, unless it is agreed otherwise during the storage period. After the third unsuccessful delivery, attempt the parcel is returned to its sender.

GLS is commited to responsible resource usage, emission reduction and waste disposal optimization.In all countries, GLS has certified its environment management system to comply with ISO 14001.

GLS Group coordinates and supports all activities in environment protection within its ThinkGreen initiative. Conscious senders can order CO2 neutral transport through ThinkGreenService.

More information

Simply call the information line at +420 567 771 111

(*Fixed phone lines. You pay according to your phone operator tariff).

Or you can send your written request through our contact form.


E-shops and business senders

Domestic parcels are usually delivered the next working day after collection. For parcels to neighboring European countries, standard delivery times are usually between 24 and 48 hours and to other more distant countries, 72 to 120 hours. The stated times are informative and are not guaranteed. GLS delivers shipments during working days from Monday to Friday, during normal business hours.

Transport times

Properly packaged and marked consignments are transported to the nearest GLS regional depot, from where they travel by combined long-distance GLS transport to the nearest sorting node, the so-called hub. Here, during the evening and at night, all shipments are routed using sorting technology to the depot that will deliver, for international shipments to the GLS sorting node in the country. Long-distance lines transport parcels to the depot at the place of delivery in the morning, where they are immediately sorted into individual delivery routes and delivered the same day.

Through a comprehensive pan-European transport network, GLS is able to ensure fast and reliable delivery of parcels to customers throughout Europe. For more information, see the product description in the “International Shipping” section.

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Parcels sent by the GLS transport network must not exceed the following dimensions:

  • length: 200 cm
  • width: 80 cm
  • height: 60 cm
  • circumferential length: 300 cm (perimeter measurement: 2 x height + 2 x width + 1 x longest side)
  • In the GLS ParcelShop, the maximum permitted length is 100 cm.
  • In a GLS ParcelShop, the maximum permitted length is 100 cm.
  • In a GLS ParcelBox, the maximum permitted length is 50 cm.
  • In the AlzaBox, the maximum length allowed is 68 cm.

The maximum weight of a package for domestic transport is 40 kg, abroad 31.5 kg. When using GLS ParcelShop, GLS Parcel Box or AlzaBox, the weight is limited to 10 kg.

Transport prices for regular senders of parcels with a concluded forwarding contract are determined by individual calculation based on the parameters of their project, such as the nature of the goods, method of packaging, time and place of collection, volume of parcels sent or their average weight. Contact our sales department for an individual offer of shipping prices.

Get a price offer

  • Insufficiently and / or non-standardly packaged goods are usually excluded from transport by GLS. Computers (eg desktops or laptops) are shipped only in their proper original packaging. The following are also excluded from transport, among others:
  • Parcels with goods whose value exceeds CZK 125,000
  • Goods that require particularly careful handling (eg fragile goods)
  • Perishable goods or goods requiring a controlled temperature
  • Animals and plants
  • Human remains or animal remains
  • Parcels with the recipient's mailbox address
  • Especially valuable items (eg gold, precious metals and stones, real jewelry and real pearls, works of art, antiques)
  • Phone cards and prepaid cards for mobile phones
  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives, etc.
  • Goods included in the list of ADR (for the international transport of dangerous goods on public roads) or IATA (for air transport) as dangerous goods• tobacco and spirits (sent abroad)

and other goods specified in the transport instructions and in the General Terms and Conditions.

More information

Yes, all parcels can be tracked in real time by both the sender and the recipient using the parcel tracking service, which displays each change in the status of the shipment online. Scanned data from sorting centers, depots and scanners of tutoring couriers are immediately sent to the GLS IT system and are available online. You need to enter the parcel number to search.

Track & Trace

GLS is responsible for the loss of or damage to parcels in its possession. Legal liability concerns direct damage to the shipped goods, so it does not include compensation for, for example, consequential damage or lost profits. Each shipment is automatically insured for CZK 6,000 for one parcel. The sender can also agree with GLS on a higher insurance value, either as a lump sum or for an individual parcel.

The value of the goods is evidenced for the new goods by the acquisition price, for the used goods by the current usual value, for the goods obtained at auction by the auction price. For more information, see the GLS Complaints Procedure .

GLS is committed to the responsible use of resources, reducing emissions and optimizing waste disposal. In all countries, GLS has received an ISO 14001 certificate for its environmental management system. GLS coordinates and supports all environmental activities throughout the group as part of the ThinkGreen initiative. Shippers can connect using the ThinkGreenService service and order a neutral shipment from GLS CO2 to compensate for the emissions from shipment of their shipment.

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Shipping labels are ordered through customer service. When ordering, always state your customer number and the type of labels required.The label can be printed using our GLS Connect, GLS On-line programs, or from your own system on a printer corresponding to the type of label used. We will be happy to recommend a suitable type of printer. Customers using their own software solution must conclude an addendum to the forwarding contract with GLS and test the data transfer and the final form of the shipping label in advance.

Dispatch systems

The additional service to the parcel must be entered in the system for handling shipments before the label itself can be printed. After printing it, it is not possible to order the service for this transport number.

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The receipt can be downloaded electronically directly from the GLS shipping software from which you print your labels.

For each product, its character (durability, weight, dimensions) must be taken into account individually. These are, in particular, the type and strength of the outer packaging, the method of closing it and storing the goods inside the packaging. In any case, sufficient filling material must be used to protect the goods against movement inside the packaging and against contact with the outer packaging.

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GLS customer service or your contact person at GLS will be happy to help you. You can also call the information line at +420 567 771 111 (* Fixed telephone lines. You pay according to the tariff of your telephone operator.). Or send your question in writing using the contact form.