Pick-up of a parcel and its delivery back to a third address

Advantages of this service

Pickup anywhere in the Czech Republic or Europe, delivery anywhere in the Czech Republic
In case of pick-up in the Czech Republic, delivery is possible throughout Europe
Reduction of transport and storage costs
Easy ordering in GLS transport software
Optimized purchase and distribution logistics
Comprehensive cost control
Customer digitally signing for a GLS parcel

Example of use of Pick&ShipService

The transport ordering party orders a pick-up of a parcel directly at the address of its foreign supplier, GLS picks it up as requested and delivers it directly to the address of the end client without a need for the parcel to pass through the ordering party's address. With this service, GLS clients can speed up and optimize their purchase logistics or distribution network.

Possible combinations

woman standing with a parcel in a kitchen

Reverse logistics

Sophisticated return systems are a natural part of successful online stores. GLS offers a wide range of returns.