Reverse logistics

Sophisticated processes of reverse logistics are part of all modern transport chains. A goods return option is one of the most important factors of a customer's decision making in whether or not to purchase a product. That is why GLS provides companies and e-shops with great options for returning goods to sender.

1. Printing and packing the address label in the shipment

In the event that the probability of returning the goods by the consignee back to the sender is high, this option can be included in the original shipment from the e-shop to the consignee.

All you have to do is print an address label with the opposite address using the installed GLS transport software in the standard way. Ie. the original consignor in the field "Consignee" and the original consignee of the goods in the field "Consignor" and together with the instructions for sending the parcel to pack it in the original consignment.

If the customer decides to return the goods, all he has to do is stick the given address label on the properly packed parcel and bring the parcel to any GLS ParcelShop, where it will be picked up by a GLS courier and delivered back to the original sender the next working day.

  • Parcels with a maximum weight of 10 kg and a length of 100 cm can be sent from the GLS Parcel Shop.
  • Parcel with a maximum lenght of 50 cm can be sent from the GLS Parcel Box.
  • The goods must be packed properly (if the original packaging is no longer available, it is advisable to include a link to the Packaging Manual in the instructions).
  • It is necessary to remove the original shipping label from the box and affix a new one intended for return shipment.
  • Return shipping will only be charged at the standard rate if the customer actually uses the label.

Packaging manual

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If the probability of returning the goods is low, you can proceed by ordering an additional service for collection and subsequent return of goods. If the online store receives a request for the return of goods from its customer, it is sufficient to order the Pick&ReturnService service in the GLS transport software.

In the field "Sender" it is necessary to fill in the address of loading at the original consignee of goods, in the field "Consignee" the address for returning the goods and it is necessary to select the date of collection. The address label is printed by GLS, the GLS courier picks up the parcel at the selected date and returns it to the original sender the next working day.

  • Can be ordered using GLS shipping software.
  • The address label will be delivered by the courier.
  • A standard surcharge is charged for the Pick&ReturnService service.
  • The goods must be properly packed according to the packaging manual.

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The return of goods can also be left completely under the direction of the recipient and refer him to the online transport portal Here he can order the transport of the parcel back to the sender, all he has to do is enter the contact details of the given online store when filling in the data in the "Recipient" field.

  • The transport is paid by the original consignee of the goods according to the standard price list of the e-Parcel.
  • It is possible to order pick-up by courier at any address, when the shipping label is brought by the courier, the parcel is picked up anywhere in the Czech Republic and delivered back to the e-shop the next working day.
  • The goods can be sent from any GLS ParcelShop in the Czech Republic, where the shipping label must be printed out by the customer and can only send parcel up to 10kg in weight and 100 cm in length. When sending from GLS Parcel Box, the longest side of the parcel can not exceed 50 cm.
  • Sending via e-Balik without the need to register the sender.


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