Cash on delivery abroad

Senders can send parcels abroad using cash on delivery via GLS. Our CashService enables senders to send parcels with cash on delivery to the following countries: Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Croatia.

The date of receiving the payment from abroad to the sender's account in the Czech Republic can vary from the date of cash sending among national entities. Sending within a given country and at the local currency is usually as fast as for national cash collections within the Czech Republic.

Maximum cash-on-delivery amount in individual countries

CountryCurrencyMaximum amountLimit
Czech RepublicKoruna (Kč)60.000 KčPer parcel
SlovakiaEuro (EUR)2.655,51 €Per parcel
HungaryForint (HUF)499.995 HUFPer parcel
SloveniaEuro (EUR)2,000 €Per parcel
CroatiaEuro (EUR)1.659,04 €Per parcel
RomaniaLeu (RON)5,000 RONTo address

When sending a cash-on-delivery parcel abroad, it is suitable for the sender to have a current account in local currency in the target country. Using a Czech or any foreign account for the cash transfer from abroad is not limited. In such a case, it is necessary to bear in mind the fees for bank transfers and exchange rate differences, which can affect the original value of cash-on-delivery parcel.