Ordered goods from the e-shop can be delivered via GLS cash on delivery, where the recipient pays for the goods only at the moment of receiving the package from the courier.
Cash on delivery with GLS offers many advantages.

Payment by cash or payment card
Maximum amount 60.000 CZK
Fast transfer of money to the senders account
Receipt for the consignee
Fast transfer of money to the senders account
Fast transfer of money to the senders account
Payment by card

If the parcel is delivered by a GLS courier, COD can be paid by credit card or in cash. In the case of picking up a parcel in a GLS ParcelBox, it is possible to pay by credit card or online in advance via GoPay.

When using card payment, the sender is charged a fee for this service for individual parcels, which includes all costs associated with this process and is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of cash on delivery and is part of the client's forwarding contract with GLS.

GLS accepts payments from: VISA, JCB, MasterCard, Maestro.

GLS offers safe and reliable parcel delivery with cash on delivery to these countries: Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Croatia.

Maximum cash-on-delivery amount in individual countries

CountryCurrencyMaximum amountLimit
Czech RepublicCrown (Kč)60.000 KčPer parcel
SlovakiaEuro (EUR)2.655,51 €Per parcel
HungaryForint (HUF)499.995 HUFPer parcel
SloveniaEuro (EUR)2.000 €Per parcel
CroatiaEuro (EUR)1.659,04 €Per parcel
RomaniaLeu (RON)5.000 RONTo address

Collected cash is deposited at a separate bank account and transferred to the senders account in his currency as soon as possible after the delivery.

If the sender does not have a bank account in the Czech Republic, cash on delivery can be transferred to his account once a week, once every two weeks or once a month, depending on the client's choice. The condition is that the sender's account accepts Czech currency, because cash on delivery at GLS CZ is paid exclusively in crowns.

The transfer to a foreign account number is associated with bank fees, which are invoiced directly to the sender outside the influence of GLS CZ.In the case of foreign cash on delivery, a related bank fee is charged to the originator for bank transactions made outside the scope of sepa payments.

The surcharge for the Cash on Delivery service includes the cost of the entire process and is charged even if the parcel is not handed over to the recipient for a reason that is not caused by GLS.

The total amount to be collected from the recipient at delivery is always displayed in full on the transport label. If GLS software is used for printing the label, the amount is shown automatically in the address label after transport data, with filled cash amounts.

The cash on delivery service can be claimed by the senders of shipments from GLS CZ by e-mail , proving the legitimacy of the request according to the business conditions.

GLS CZ hereby undertakes to cooperate with the sender to resolve the outstanding payment and transfer the money to his account without undue delay.It must be borne in mind that the recipient of the consignment is still the debtor until the end of the complaint procedure.