Informing the recipient

The standard product BusinessSmallParcel does not include informing the recipient about the planned delivery via SMS, telephone call or e-mail. GLS offers an additional transport services, which can ensure timely notification of the recipient about the planned delivery of the parcel.

The additional service FlexDeliveryService enables informing the recipient via e-mail as well as via SMS message. The sender chooses which options he prefers.

1st message
Goods ready to be sent

The sender (for example, the e-shop where the goods were ordered) prepares the parcel for shipment. It sends electronic data to the GLS system, including the recipient's e-mail address and telephone number. The first message is automatically generated, informing the recipient that the parcel is on the way, and will be delivered the next working day. The message contains the parcel number and a link to the website where the recipient can monitor the shipment or change the delivery parameters free of charge.

2nd message
Parcel on the way to the recipient

The parcel is located at the appropriate delivery depot, where it is picked up by a courier and loaded onto a delivery truck. The scheduled delivery time is defined according to the current delivery schedule. At that point, a second message is sent with a three-hour time window in which delivery is scheduled. The most common delivery time is in the middle of this time window. The accuracy of this time is determined by the distance of the delivery address from the depot and the traffic situation on a given day. The message contains contact information for the delivering courier, information on the amount of cash on delivery and, if applicable, the possibility of paying it by credit card. The same message is sent before each repeated delivery attempt.

3rd message
Information on further delivery

If the delivery attempt was unsuccessful, the recipient will receive a third information message stating the reason for the non-delivery and a link to the Delivery manager website. Here the recipient can conveniently, free of charge and without any registration, set the parameters for further delivery of the parcel.


Additional messages on delivery or delivery attempt

GLS actively informs the recipient about the status of the parcel in other cases as well. Another message will be sent if:

  • the parcel was redirected to GLS ParcelShop on the basis of a telephone agreement with the courier,
  • the parcel was delivered to the required GLS ParcelShop (the message contains the ParcelShop address and PIN to pick up the parcel),
  • the parcel was delivered to the recipient's neighbor (the message contains the neighbor's name),
  • the parcel has been saved in the required location (the message contains the location selected by the recipient).