What dimensions and weight can a courier package have?

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Check the dimensions and weight of your package before you ship it. You will avoid possible additional charges. Find out also how to specify the package dimensions.

There are maximum weight limits for courier shipments: in case of GLS it is up to 31.5 kg - both for domestic and international parcels.

It will be classified as overweight (PWW). This means that you will have to pay extra for its transportation. The situation is similar with the length, width and height of the package. Here also "upper" limits apply.

Maximum parcel sizes at GLS:

  • Width 80 cm.
  • Height 60 cm.
  • Length 200 cm.
  • The sum of the package circumference and the longest side cannot exceed 300 cm.

How to measure a parcel?

Or, more precisely, how to determine the sum of its circumference? Fortunately, it is not complicated mathematics. The sum of the package circumference is: two times its height plus two times its width. If the package is a rectangle - and this is the shape of typical cardboard packages - measuring and calculating it is very easy.

If the package is not a rectangle, the distances should be counted from the furthest ends, i.e. the most protruding parts.

The width may sometimes be a problem if the carton is too small and it turns out that the package "bulges" after closing. Remember that the package will be measured at the widest (or figuratively speaking: "thickest") place, not from the edge of the package. Therefore it is better not to use too small boxes (there are more reasons not to do it).

Parcel dimensions: how to report these numbers to avoid confusion?

  • Length, width (that is, depth or "thickness"), and height are the correct order.

Important: the dimensions and weight of the package must be determined before it is shipped.

Pay attention to the numbers!

  • A standard parcel must fit within each of these maximum limits at the same time.
  • It means, for example, that a parcel which is small but heavier than 31.5 kg will not be considered standard.
  • Another example, concerning dimensions - suppose the length of the parcel is 150 cm, and its width and funnel.
  • height are 50 cm each. In this case the sum of package circumference and the longest side is 350 cm, that is 50 cm too much.
  • This would be right: length 150 cm, width 40 cm, height 35 cm (the sum of the circumference and the longest side is exactly 300 cm).

Why are package dimensions so important?

At first glance, it may seem that a few or even several centimeters to one side or the other should not make any difference. Why can't packages exceed certain dimensions?

They have to have standardized sizes, so that their sorting goes smoothly and efficiently. Thanks to that they are on their way to the final recipient as soon as possible.

You can track a package's journey from the moment it is shipped, in real time.

  • Simply enter your tracking number or Track ID on our website.
  • This way you can track both domestic and international shipments.

6 more tips on how to prepare your package for shipping.

The courier parcel should meet the basic conditions during transportation. The parcel should be properly packed to protect the contents. This task belongs to the sender.

  • Choose the size of the packaging for the contents of the package - the box should not be too small, as the items inside may then be damaged.
  • Choose the strength of the packaging for the contents - for sensitive shipments, choose unused double-layer boxes made of high-quality, moisture-resistant cardboard. The items inside can be additionally protected with bubble wrap. Remember that foil packaging is not always the best solution. A cardboard box provides more security.
  • Take care of the aesthetics of your parcel - especially inside. Is it really that important? Yes, the first impression counts a lot in e-commerce! Authors of the PwC report "Winning strategies. E-commerce leaders on the development of digital commerce" emphasize that as many as 42% of Polish consumers are able to resign from a given brand after just one bad experience. An unsightly way of packing the ordered items can be perceived this way.
  • Fill in the blanks - if there are blanks left inside the carton, the contents may move around inside during shipping. It is not hard to imagine that the items in the package may get damaged this way. Therefore, the empty space needs to be filled. There are plenty of ways to do this and materials available today. You can use airbags, wood wool, scropak, jute mesh or simply paper cuttings for this purpose. It all depends on what you are shipping. For example, for heavy and sensitive items, it is best to use fitted polystyrene forms.
  • Separate the items inside the parcel - if there are multiple items in one package, they should not touch each other. You can also place them in smaller packages or wrap them in bubble wrap.
  • Address your parcel correctly - fill out the label the right way and put it on the package in the right place.
  • Seal the package firmly - it is best to use packing tape, the stronger the tape the heavier and bigger the package is. This tape should seal the package tightly from all sides. The package then becomes a solid and durable structure.