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We provide high quality, reliable parcel transport services for over 240,000 customers.

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GLS Group

GLS offers reliable logistics solutions both domestic and international. The GLS Group covers 40 countries, most through its own companies and the others through partners.

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GLS Poland

GLS Poland is one of the main providers of transport services in Poland focused on providing the highest quality. Express transport within Poland is part of the service portfolio.

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GLS application

The latest information about parcels anywhere, anytime - on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Recipients are always up to date with the free GLS application.

Available functions:

  • Parcel tracking
  • ParcelShop GLS points finder
  • Using the FlexDeliveryService (selection of online delivery options)
  • Online parcel redirection
  • Barcode scanning

The GLS application for iPhone users is available in the Apple App Store, and the version for Android phones on Google Play.

Practical parcel tracking

By entering the parcel number or Track-ID that is on the notification, you can check where is your parcel at any time. All "travel points" of the shipment are shown in the overview. Detailed parcel information is also available.

Searching for GLS ParcelShop

Find your nearest GLS ParcelShop using the app. To do this, all you have to do is enter your zip code, street or city name. The nearest GLS ParcelShops will be shown on an interactive map, alonr with opening hours and contact details.

FlexDeliveryService: choose the delivery option

GLS provides senders the opportunity to use the FlexDeliveryService for domestic and international shipments sent between Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy. If they do so, GLS notifies the recipient by e-mail about the estimated delivery time frame. Via a link in the e-mail, parcel recipients can then redirect their parcel before the first delivery attempt.

If you receive e-mails on your smartphone and you have the GLS mobile application installed, you can use this device to choose the delivery option that is right for you - for example, delivery to a ParcelShop GLS point or change the delivery date.

Parcel forwarding - change online delivery options after the first delivery attempt

If the courier fails to deliver the parcel directly to you or leaves it at a neighbor's or GLS ParcelShop as part of the first delivery attempt, he will leave a notice with the Track ID number on it. Entering that Track ID into the GLS Mobile App allows you to select an option for the second delivery attempt.

Convenient barcode and 2D scanning

The barcode scan replaces the manual typing in of information. If the GLS delivery driver leaves a notification card, you can simply scan the printed barcode with the camera function of the smartphone. This way, the Track ID is directly captured and the barcode scan gives quick access to parcel tracking.

Note for senders: Before handing over a parcel, you can scan the barcode on the label of important parcels and thus always have the current status “in your pocket”.

Facts and figures

Revenue 3.6 Bn €
Parcel volumes 667 m.
Customers 240,000
Employees 19,000
Countries covered 40
Hubs 70
Depots + Agencies 1,400
Delivery vans 28,000

Partners in the European network

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Montenegro, Estonia, Greece, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Norway, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

GLS Group

Quality Leader in Europe

GLS offers reliable logistics solutions - both domestic and international - in Europe and in the world. Europe is the most important market.

The GLS Group covers 40 countries and 8 US states, most through its own companies, and the rest through proven partners.

An extensive European network

Regular international services

Unified IT Systems

GLS Group website

GLS Poland

Strong national logistics network

45 depots allow GLS Poland to be close to senders and recipients throughout the country.

A well-organized network enables fast and efficient parcel delivery, usually on the next business day. Domestic express parcels are covered by a guarantee of delivery on the next business day by 12.00 or earlier, by 10:00 (additional services on request), including delivery on Saturdays.

The central sorting plant located in Stryków near Łódź serves as an international transhipment point.

Thanks to it, the Polish network is connected to the pan-European network - daily transports to countries throughout Europe are organized.

All logistics processes are carried out in accordance with GLS standards ensuring high quality.

Milestones in GLS history

European network

Since its establishment at the end of 1999, GLS has managed to create a stable European parcel transport network in just a few years, which today covers 40 European countries and 8 US states.

Numerous acquisitions and agreements with partners proved to be milestone in the company's history. In many countries, GLS established its own branches - often they were separate networks that immediately began operating on a full scale.


Acquisition of German Parcel

The GLS success story begins with the acquisition of the German company Paket-Logistik GmbH. The purpose of the first transaction was to create a centrally managed company providing courier services throughout Europe.

Earlier, in 1989, 25 German carriers merged to form the company "German Parcel" to be able to offer their services nationwide. In 1999, the company became one of the largest providers of courier services on the German market - with international connections, as a partner with General Parcel founded in 1992.


The arrival of DER KURIER

German Parcel becomes the sole shareholder of the DER KURIER group of companies, which is soon undergoing restructuring and currently operates under the name DER KURIER. This acquisition means GLS enters the express delivery market, with DER KURIER organizing night transport in Germany via its own network of terminals.

The company started operating in 1979 as an urban courier coordination center based on the model of "bicycle couriers" offices in London and New York.


Hungary joins the network

Acquisition of 85 percent of the company shares of General Parcel Hungary. The Hungarian parcel carrier, founded in 1998, is a partner in the European General Parcel cooperation. The national network is subsequently expanded and the company renamed GLS Hungary. It becomes the leading company for a number of GLS companies in Eastern Europe.


“GLS” is created

Foundation of General Logistics Systems B.V. (GLS), headquartered in Amsterdam. Rico Back takes on the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) alongside his function as Managing Director of German Parcel. In combination with its subsidiaries, GLS is the main shareholder in the European General Parcel cooperative association.

Logistics from Ireland

GLS acquires the Williams Group, headquartered in Dublin. In 2004, following extensive restructuring, the Irish parcel and logistics service provider is renamed GLS Ireland. It focuses, in accordance with the core business areas of GLS, on the areas of parcel, logistics and express delivery.


GLS in Austria

With the acquisition of General Parcel Austria, GLS enters the Austrian parcel market. The roots of the Austrian subsidiary, founded in Ansfelden, date back to 1992, when ten medium-sized Austrian carriers joined together to form a franchise association offering customers high-quality parcel transport services.

GLS in Denmark

Danish courier service provider and General Parcel partner - Pakke Trans joined the GLS Group. The company is based in Kolding. The KEP market service provider was founded by several carriers in 1981.

Express services in Denmark

GLS takes over shares in the Danish courier company Stafetten A / S, which also deals with express delivery. The head office of the company is in Kolding. Parallel to parcel transport, express services and expanded couriers are being expanded.


Welcome to the Netherlands

Nederlandse Pakket Dienst becomes a subsidiary of GLS. The headquarters of the Dutch courier company and partner General Parcel is in Utrecht. Nederlandse Pakket Dienst was founded in 1980 as a franchise association. In a short time, GLS changes its structure to a centrally managed company.

Entry to France, Belgium and Spain

With the acquisition of Extand, GLS enters the French KEP market. An express and courier service provider chooses Toulouse as its headquarters. At the same time, GLS acquires the Belgian company Extand Belgium and the Spanish depot Extand Sistema.

Partner from the United Kingdom - Parcelforce Worldwide

General Parcel acquires a partner on the largest island in Europe: Parcelforce Worldwide strengthens the General Parcel network by providing services in Great Britain. This courier and logistics company is one of the largest suppliers on the KEP market in Great Britain.


Slovenia joins the network

Another GLS Group branch is established in Slovenia - GP General Parcel Ljubljana, which is the next stage in the expansion of a comprehensive courier network in Central Europe.


Takeovers in Germany

Acquisition of Domberger Paket Dienst GmbH & Co KG, Augsburg and Deutscher Paket Dienst Dachser GmbH, Kempten. A total of two former DACHSER subsidiaries support a total of six DPD locations in southern Germany and Saxony.


Investments in Italy

GLS acquires shares in the Direzione Gruppo Executive (DGE). DGE was founded in 1977 as the Corriere Executive franchise association, eventually becoming the Direzione Gruppo Executive. In 1994 he took the first steps towards a new Europe connected by one network, becoming a member of the international courier association General Parcel.


Entering the market in Poland

GLS acquires shares in Szybka Paczka thus entering the Polish parcel market. The company, founded in 1997, is a partner of General Parcel and offers its clients both domestic and international solutions in the field of parcel transport.


Takeover in Finland

GLS acquires General Parcel Finland, thereby expanding its network in Northern Europe. Following this transaction, GLS owns 80% of the shares in General Parcel.

100% ownership in Italy

The Italian company Direzione Gruppo Executive (DGE) is becoming a subsidiary of GLS. The franchise system in the country is maintained. GLS acquires its first shares in DGE in December 2000.


Uniform Image

GLS introduces a unified brand in Europe to emphasize that it is a European company with strong national networks. In the following months, several GLS depots undergo rebranding.


Establishment of GLS Belgium

GLS establishes a new depot: GLS Belgium. The company takes over the operations of the subsidiary GLS Extand Belgium and offers comprehensive services throughout Belgium and Luxembourg.


Transaction in Italy

GLS takes over the activities of franchisees from depots in Genoa, Chiavari, Savona and Imperia.


System Quality

GLS develops a uniform quality management system throughout Europe. The goal is to create universal national and international standards in the GLS Group network.


Partner in Norway

Nor-Cargo becomes a GLS partner in Norway. Thanks to this GLS customers have access to comprehensive delivery services throughout the country.


Partner in Greece and Cyprus

ACS - Air Courier Service S.A. - becomes a new GLS partner in Greece and Cyprus. ACS was founded in 1981 and is today one of the leading local courier service providers in both countries.


Partner in Switzerland

Swiss Post International Logistics AG and GLS sign a partnership agreement. An independent competence center within Swiss Post is created under the name Swiss Post GLS, whose tasks include offering European GLS services, integrating parcels into the network and delivering parcels in Switzerland. The Swiss Post was the current partner of the European General Parcel.


Establishment of GLS IT Services GLS IT Services is created in Neuenstein. His most important task is to standardize IT systems in all GLS Group companies.


Transaction in Italy GLS takes over the franchise in the regions of Verona, Manta and Bussolengo.

100% shares in Hungary GLS

Hungary becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the GLS Group. General Parcel Hungary has been operating under the name GLS Hungary for a year.


End of operations of General Parcel

The international company General Parcel is closing its operations. Direct responsibility for operational management is immediately transferred to GLS International. Domestic deliveries in all countries served by GLS depots in cooperation with strong local partners.


GLS in Slovakia

GLS Slovakia commences operations. This is a depot of GLS Hungary with headquarters in Zvolen. Thanks to the new national network, the GLS Group strengthens its market position in Eastern Europe.


Partner in Sweden

Schenker A.B. becomes a GLS network partner in Sweden. This company is a leading Swedish private supplier of courier services.

August / October

Transactions in Italy

GLS takes over franchise operations in the regions of Tuscany (three depots) and Veneto (four depots).


100% shares in Poland

GLS acquires the remaining part of GLS Poland. As a result, the company, which is based in Poznań, becomes a daughter company of GLS.


GLS enters the Baltic States

GLS acquires a new network partner in the Baltic States - LEX SYSTEM. It serves Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The goal was achieved - full coverage of the Baltic Sea region.


Establishment of GLS Spain

The Spanish company GLS - Extand Sistema changes its name to GLS Spain. GLS is gradually expanding its network in Spain. In areas not yet covered by the network, it still cooperates with local partners.

GLS in the Czech Republic GLS Czech Republic is formed. The Humpolec sorting plant and eight depots form the basis for the national network in the Czech Republic covering the entire country from day one.


100% express in Denmark

GLS Denmark acquires the remaining shares in Stafetten. Thus, the company becomes the property of the GLS Group.


Establishment of GLS Portugal

GLS Portugal is established with headquarters in Lisbon. The company, which is a joint venture of GLS and Kislog, takes over all depots of the subsidiary Kislog - Personalis - which was previously a GLS network partner in Portugal. All systems have been adapted to GLS systems

New scanning technology

GLS begins the gradual introduction of new scanning technology. 18,000 new hand scanners and 5,000 scanning stations have been put into use throughout Europe.

Thanks to the use of mobile data transfer, information can be transmitted in almost real time.


Introduction of UniQue

With UniQue GLS, it introduces a unified software system and equipment. UniQue components are gradually developed and implemented and existing systems are replaced with new ones without interrupting daily tasks. The goal is to standardize all GLS systems across Europe.


A new European computer center

GLS opens a new European Computer Center. Data from all GLS countries is collected, processed and stored on the main server farm. Centralization allows GLS to use the synergy effect throughout the Group. In addition to scanning and sending systems, also communication (e-mail), process supervision and accounting systems are conducted through the European Computer Center. Modern technology and security go hand in hand here.


Improved delivery time

The introduction of a daily parcel sorting process at the European GLS sorting plant in Neuenstein (Germany) reduces delivery times. Shipments that cross two borders and do not come from Germany are now delivered to recipients the day before. Customers in many countries benefit from the new estimated delivery times for international shipments.


Transaction in Italy

GLS takes over the franchise depot in Cesena.


Image change in Denmark

The Danish company GLS Stafetten adopts the name GLS Express. In May 2005, the company becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of GLS Denmark, offering both domestic and international express and courier shipments.

October/ December

Transactions in Italy In total, GLS acquires four franchise depots in the regions of Lombardy (Northern Italy) and Emilia Romagna (Central Italy).


Takeover in Belgium

GLS acquires the Belgian courier and logistics service provider ABX Belgium Distribution. Together, GLS Belgium and ABX Belgium Distribution are leaders on the domestic market in the business-to-business parcel sector. Through this transaction, GLS strengthens its presence in the Benelux region and enters the Belgian freight sector.


Partner in Bulgaria

Interlogistica is becoming a new GLS network partner in Bulgaria. With headquarters in Varna, the company ranks among the leading suppliers on the domestic KEP market. The new GLS partner deals with the distribution of parcels for the entire GLS Group through its dense network.


Establishment of GLS in Romania

GLS establishes GLS Romania, thus expanding its network in Eastern Europe. The new depot with headquarters in Sibiu starts operations with ten depots and provides comprehensive domestic services from day one.

Transaction in Italy

GLS takes over a franchise with six depots in Milan.


Partner in India

Gati Limited, one of the leading providers of logistics solutions in India, is becoming a new partner of GLS. As a result, GLS can offer its clients high-quality parcel delivery services also in India, and Gati in turn can offer its clients new services in Europe.


Image change in Belgium

ABX Belgium Distribution now operates under the name GLS Belgium Distribution. GLS implements specialized processes for handling parcels and cargo, and both Belgian companies operate in the same building.

Implementation of the Think-Green initiative

The GLS Group launches the ThinkGreen initiative to strengthen European environmental efforts. Its main goals are: reduction of exhaust emissions, reduction of resource use, use of alternative energy sources and optimization of waste management.


A new partner in Turkey

MNG Kargo becomes a new GLS network partner in Turkey. This company is the third largest supplier on the Turkish KEP market and has a well-developed branch network. Thanks to this cooperation, the standard GLS delivery time to Turkey is reduced by one day.


Transaction in Italy

GLS acquires depots of two franchises in Padua and Belluno.

Partner in Hong Kong

TF Logistics becomes a new GLS partner in Hong Kong. The offer of an international provider of logistics services includes solutions for air and sea freight as well as courier services.


Partner in Russia

The new GLS partner - EMS Garantpost is one of the leading providers of courier and express services in the largest country on earth. The cooperation enables GLS to distribute parcels throughout the entire Russian Federation. With its own customs terminal at Moscow airport, Garantpost is able to quickly clear international shipments.


A new partner in Estonia

Itella Logistics becomes a new GLS partner in Estonia. This company has an efficient distribution network in the country, and its headquarters and central sorting plant are located in Tallinn. Thanks to the new partner, GLS is able to offer international customers reliable and fast delivery also in Estonia.

Middle East partner

MIDEX International becomes a GLS partner in the Middle East. The company serves 14 countries for GLS: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen.

September /October

The network of Italian depots strengthened

In Italy, GLS takes over the activities of two franchises in the Emilia-Romagna region (one depot) and in Venice (two depots). GLS Italy creates its own depot in the Marche Civitanova region.


100% share in Portugal

GLS acquires the remaining shares in GLS Portugal. Cooperation with Kislog is terminated. Since the establishment of the depot in 2005, GLS Portugal has adapted its production processes and IT systems to the Group, increased efficiency and modernized depots.


Transaction in Italy

GLS acquires a franchise branch in northern Turin.

Partners in Serbia and Croatia

GLS connects Serbia and Croatia through network partners. AKS Express Kurir is a GLS partner in Serbia and ZUMEx (UUM 2010) in Croatia.

Both companies occupy leading positions among private courier service providers in their countries. They are connected to the GLS network by daily transport connections.


Transaction in Italy

GLS takes over the franchise in Imola.


Transaction in Italy

GLS takes over the franchise in Rimini.


New partner in Lithuania and Latvia

Itella Logistics becomes a new partner of GLS in Lithuania and Latvia. Long-term cooperation in Estonia is extended to all Baltic countries.


Transaction in Italy In Italy, GLS strengthens its position in Piedmont and acquires a franchise branch in southern Turin.


Transaction in Italy

In Italy, GLS acquires a franchise branch in Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region.


The largest subsidiary of GLS - Copenhagen

GLS Denmark is completing the expansion of the Copenhagen depot. This location, which also acts as a regional sorting plant, is now the largest subsidiary of the GLS Group in Europe - only domestic and international distribution centers will outweigh it.

Only international parcels are currently handled in the newly added building in Copenhagen.


A new company in Croatia

On the 1st of August , GLS Croatia begins operations. From now on GLS Croatia provides courier services throughout the entire new member state of the European Union. Since the company was founded in May this year GLS has created its own branch network. To date, GLS has served Croatia as part of cooperation with partners.


Transactions in Italy

GLS acquires two franchise branches in Parma and Fidenza.


ISO certification in the GLS Group

Obtaining new certificates and confirming the existing ones means the end of the certification process in the whole GLS Group - quality management systems were assessed in accordance with ISO 9001, and environmental management systems with ISO 14001.


Sustainability Report

GLS is publishing a sustainability report for the first time. In the report for 2012/2013, the Group presents information on activities for environmental protection and their effectiveness, as well as on CSR initiatives.


Transactions in Italy

In Italy, GLS strengthens its presence in the metropolitan area of ​​Rome and acquires five depots managed by three franchisees.

October /December

New sorting plant in Rome

GLS Italy is investing again in development in the Lazio region and is opening a new hub in Rome. In addition, seven new branches are operating throughout the country.



Recertification of compliance with ISO 9001 and 14001: The GLS Group renews all quality and environmental certificates for the next three years. The seal is now also received by GLS Croatia.

FlexDeliveryService extension

FlexDeliveryService is now available in eleven countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The recipients of the shipment can influence the delivery process according to their wishes. In four countries, selection options are also available for international parcels. GLS Germany introduced the service as the first GLS company in 2012.


GLS is developing an international service for customers.

ShopDeliveryService is now available for international shipments sent between Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Poland. Recipients can choose any GLS ParcelShop point as the address of direct parcel delivery at the time of ordering.


Development of the FlexDeliveryService service.

Introduction of FlexDeliveryService in other countries: Luxembourg and Croatia. The service is now available in 13 countries.


Israeli Post is the new GLS partner.

Shipments sent via the Israel Postal Company Ltd. are delivered by GLS Group throughout Europe.


Strategic partnership with DB Schenker.

The GLS Group and DB Schenker Logistics have signed a strategic partnership agreement (not exclusive to cooperation) in Europe. The companies will carry out complementary activities in the field of transport services - GLS will expand its offer of general cargo services and DB Schenker Logistics will introduce courier services covering the whole of Europe.


A new partner in Southeastern Europe

GLS cooperates with A2B Express in the Balkans in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Second report on sustainable development

The GLS Group has published a report on sustainable development covering the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 financial years. "ThinkGLS. ThinkResponsible ”contains information on the growing social and ecological commitment.


GDP certificate in France

GLS France, as the first domestic company of the Group, has obtained a certificate confirming compliance with the European GDP guidelines (2013 / C 343/01) in the field of transport of pharmaceuticals.


Beginning of cooperation with DB Schenker in Germany

DB Schenker and GLS have started cooperation. GLS Germany delivers domestic parcels for logistics companies of Deutsche Bahn and handles international shipments.


The Spanish network is getting wider

The Spanish network is getting wider GLS Spain acquired the Spanish company providing express courier services ASM Transporte Urgente (ASM).


GDP and PharmaService certification in Germany

GLS Germany has obtained a certificate confirming compliance with the European Good Distribution Practice GDP guidelines in the field of pharmaceutical transport and has expanded its offer with the PharmaService.

Regional expansion on an attractive market.

GLS acquired a California-based company providing local parcels for the next business day of Golden State Overnight Delivery Service Inc. (GSO). November

Cooperation with DB Schenker in Italy

Cooperation between GLS and DB Schenker was also established in Italy. GLS Italy delivers parcels for logistics departments of Deutsche Bahn throughout the country.

The expansion of the FlexDeliveryService

GLS Denmark has introduced FlexDeliveryService to its offer. The service is now available in 14 countries.


ISO certification according to 2015 standards.

The GLS Group is certified in accordance with ISO standards updated in 2015 in the field of environmental and quality management in 18 countries (ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015).


GLS application update

A comprehensive update of the GLS application for Recipients and private Senders has been carried out. The new version has been made available simultaneously in eight countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Spain. Also GLS Hungary has updated its mobile application.


GLS obtains the EcoVadis certificate

For the first time, the GLS Group undergoes an assessment of its sustainability system and receives bronze status as part of the independent EcoVadis certification program.


The GLS Group takes over the express delivery company

GLS has acquired the US Express Postal Express, which operates in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.


Development of services for international parcels

GLS expands the international functionalities of FlexDeliveryService by offering connections between 12 countries in Central and Southeastern Europe.

As a result, a wide range of delivery options is available even when shopping online from foreign online stores. Austria, Benelux, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania - all these directions are now connected.


GLS introduces an international returns service

GLS offers the ShopReturnService service between seven countries. It also allows recipients to return parcels from foreign online stores. The service is introduced in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg and Poland.


The GLS Group renews and extends certification

18 GLS companies renew environmental and quality management certificates in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001. GLS also receives a GDP certificate allowing the transport of medical products in Denmark and Ireland.

Ready for autumn challenges

The GLS Group invests over EUR 100 million in expanding its transport network in Europe. Due to increased performance, GLS can provide the highest quality of service even in the peak parcel season.


FlexDeliveryService available in Spain

FlexDeliveryService is introduced in Spain. From then on, customers in 15 countries can decide when and where they want to pick up their parcel.


GLS acquires Redyser Transporte in Spain

Following the acquisition of ASM Transporte Urgente in 2016, GLS buys Redyser Transporte, a company that mainly supports express parcels. Thus, GLS Spain expands the scope of domestic services and strengthens its position as the second largest express delivery network in Spain.


Third sustainability report

According to G4 GRI, the GLS Group publishes its third sustainability report entitled "ThinkGLS. ThinkResponsible. ", Which focuses on economic issues, responsibility for the climate and the environment, and social involvement.


Rico Back is the new CEO of the Royal Mail Group

The Royal Mail supervisory board appoints Rico Back to be another Chief Executive Office Manager. From 1999, he was the Senior Executive of the British postal organization. After almost 30 years of career in parcel logistics, former CEO of the GLS Group, takes over a new position on June 1, 2018.

James Rietkerk is the new CEO

James Rietkerk, formerly CFO, replaces Rico Back as CEO of the GLS Group. Thorsten Pruin becomes the new CFO of the GLS Group.


Activity in the USA under the leadership of Ivan Hofmann

GLS appoints Ivan Hofmann CEO of GLS US Inc. Hofmann supports GLS activities in the USA, and also merges GSO and Postal Express, which GLS acquired in 2016 and 2017.


The international service FlexDeliveryService also on the British Isles

FlexDeliveryService is fully available in the UK and Ireland. It currently connects a total of 17 European countries in all directions.


EcoVadis silver certificate

The GLS Group is again awarded the CSR certificate from the independent EcoVadis auditor - this time with a silver marking due to a significant improvement in all tested categories.


GLS acquires a Canadian courier company

GLS acquires Dicom Canada based in Montreal. The company offers courier, freight and logistics services in Canada, primarily in the B2B sector.