Our Neighbours network celebrate its first anniversary

Our Neighbour alternative delivery solution is now available in Paris and in 11 major provincial cities.

GLS France is the first player in parcel delivery to have partnered in November 2020 with the start-up Pickme which offers this new solution of parcel pick-up points: Neighbours-Relay!

You can now choose the nearest Neighbour-Relay from the list of available GLS Relays.

GLS neighbour-relay in Paris

After Paris and Ile de France, GLS extends its Pickme Neighbours network to Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse

GLS France has expanded its Neighbour relay Delivery service to the city centres of Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse.

GLS France has chosen to join forces with the startup Pickme to develop a brand new solution of parcel collection points at the homes of trusted private individuals: the Neighbour-Relay!

This new delivery alternative has been available since mid-November, for all your GLS deliveries in Paris. You now have the possibility to choose the nearest Pickme Neighbour-Relay from the Pickme network, from the list of our available GLS Relays.

TRACK & ENGAGE©, an innovative marketing tool, combining geolocation and customer engagement

GLS innovates and offers an exclusive Track & Engage© solution

Track & Engage© is an intuitive and powerful mobile marketing solution that transforms the geolocation of parcel delivery into an immersive brand experience.GLS France is the first parcel delivery company to deploy Track & Engage©, available throughout France.

Thanks to this powerful new communication channel, our clients capitalise on the attention span of their recipient customers while they monitor the arrival of their parcels on the geolocation interface.