A GLS exclusive for building loyalty among your private customers

Engage Plus is available as an option to FlexDeliveryService, geolocated and interactive home delivery. Take advantage of the time your customer spends tracking their parcel to broadcast your communications: 13 minutes of attention to create a bond with your customers.

Easy communication operations!

Your marketing campaigns are 100% customisable from an intuitive, user-friendly interface!

Display: slider, banner or survey
Offer: promotional offers, sponsorship, competitions, etc.

A new, high added-value marketing tool

Geolocalised parcel tracking becomes your new medium:

• Broadcast your targeted communications during delivery tracking.
• 100% customisable display formats via a dedicated interface.
• No waste due to parcel asylum
• Package tracking page consulted by your customers for an average of 13 minutes*.

* Average time observed on 20 million parcels.

The average time a customer spends tracking the arrival of their parcel.

The personalisation rate of your advertising campaigns

Engage plus

The average click-through rate for advertising content

This is the average time between the moment the customer receives the SMS and the moment it is delivered.

The rate of visits to the geolocated parcel tracking page


Your benefits

Improving your brand image
More subscribers on social networks
Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction
Anticipating future sales