Parcel delivery tailored to your customers' lives

Delivery on another date

I won't be home on the scheduled delivery date. I can reschedule my delivery to another time.

Delivery to another address

I am often not at home to receive my parcel. I choose to have it delivered to a different address.

Home delivery to the desired location

I won't be home. I indicate where to drop my parcel off in a designated place (shelter, terrace, etc.).

Delivery to a GLS depot

I live near a GLS depot. I prefer to pick up my parcel directly on the spot.

Delivery to a ParcelShop

I am rarely at home to receive my parcel. I choose to have it delivered in a ParcelShop.

Delivery to work

I'm more often at work during delivery hours. I choose to have my parcel delivered there.

GLS France Driver gets customer to sign for parcel delivery FlexDeliveryService

Getting your parcel, where you want it, when you want it!

Once alerted by e-mail and SMS, the receiver manages all the parameters of his re-delivery (other date, other address, ParcelShop, etc...), in case of his unavailability.

Offer delivery services that make all the difference!

Driver GLS France delivers in Express before 1:00 pm door


The solution of Express delivery before 1:00 pm in France.

GLS France customer couple consults tracking tablet Ecommerce


E-commerce solutions for Magento, Prestashop, Shopify and WooCommerce platforms.

Driver GLS France medicine parcels green label health sensitive products


The delivery solution for Healthcare products (Medical/Pharmacy) without temperature restrictions.