Our culture

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion are human values that we uphold. We aim to value each individual’s experience and knowledge and to encourage both individual and collective initiatives. We are committed to developing the strengths, talents and professional skills of our employees through personalized training programs and development opportunities.

Our CSR approach

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach aims to be structuring, concrete and unifying. For us, it is a truly virtuous approach that promotes a vision for the future:

  • health and safety at work, based on training, innovation and empowerment of all those involved in the company

  • work-life balance

  • reducing our environmental footprint

  • encouraging local initiatives in line with our values, in order to give concrete expression to our commitment everywhere (participation in the 2024 edition of Odysséa in Nantes, partnership with ‘mon stage de 3ème’ for young people in priority education areas, ‘boîte solidaire’ operation for the most disadvantaged, etc.).

Our aim is to create the best possible conditions for all our employees to encourage personal fulfilment and collective efficiency based on shared values.

Human Resources Development at GLS France