Press Releases

GLS supported Biking to work and On bike for children

19 576 people from Czech Republic took part in the ninth year of ecological challenge Biking to work. Three thousand people more were for the entire May using bikes for transportation to work. This project helped to save 466 tuns of CO2, nine tuns more than last year. GLS has supported also Cyklotour of Josef Zimovčák, more than 1.300 kilometres long tour for the support of oncologically ill children.

Estafeta becomes GLS partner in Mexico

The GLS Group has expanded its commitment on the North American continent with a new partnership. From June 2019, Estafeta Mexicana will deliver GLS consignments in Mexico and, in a second step, will feed parcels for the European, US and Canadian markets into the GLS network.

Parcel delivery provider GLS introduces for the first time in Czech Republic the Parcel Day

GLS organizes for the first time not just in the USA but in Czech Republic celebrations of the Parcel Day, the tradition goes to year 2015. Logistics company has celebrated this day only abroad, where GLS engages its employees and local communities in charity and free time activities. In Czech Republic GLS has organized its original game for families with children based on geocaching and it takes place on May 25th.

GLS supports project Biking to work and then project On bike for children

GLS is the general partner of project Biking to work. GLS will transport the starting packs for all the participants. GLS will also support Josef Zimovčák´s Endowment fund On bike for children, which by its own cyklotour helps oncologically ill children.

The number of GLS ParcelShops in Europe reached 20.000 thanks to acquisition in Spain.

GLS has significantly expanded its European network of ParcelShops, that has grown up by 1.600 stores thanks to acquisition of Spanish logistics company Celeritas. The total amount of ParcelShop in European network has reached 20.000.

GLS expands international service

GLS has added Italy, Portugal, Finland and Bulgaria to its international FlexDeliveryService. The number of countries connected across borders via the service thus rises to 21. Parcel recipients have the option to adapt deliveries to their own wishes even in the case of online orders made in other countries.

According to GLS the popularity of weighing the parcels is increasing

According GLS the trend of calculation the price of parcel delivery has changed. The stats from portal e-Balík show, that during the first March week was 52 % of all parcels calculated by weight, by the size only 48 %. The calculation based on size can unnecessarily increase the price.

GLS opens ParcelShops in bookstores of Carmelite publishing house

GLS further strengthens its network of ParcelShops. Customers can now pick up and send their parcels in 11 bookstores of Carmelite Publishing House. Seven bookstores are already active, activation of the remaining bookstores is in progress. GLS is planning to increase the total number of ParcelShops to 500.

GLS participates in cleaning action Clean Vysočina

GLS will this year again in April participate in nature cleaning project Clean Vysočina. Volunteers from the Czech headquarters of GLS will be on 15th of April cleaning almost two-kilometre long section of the road around the headquarters of GLS Czech Republic. Garbage collection and cleaning of the public areas and the nature organizes Vysočina region for the eleventh time.