Contactless delivery

Convenient solution for consignees

On request, GLS will drop off parcels in a designated location – for example in the garage or on the patio.

This is particularly practical for consignees who cannot take receipt of their parcel in person. This means they are not tied to a precise delivery time.

Issuing GLS with drop off permission is very simple: download the PDF, fill out the form electronically and print it – don't forget the signature. You can either give the completed form to your GLS delivery agent or send the document to the following email address: . Once you have issued GLS with a drop off permission, the parcel is deemed to have been delivered when it is dropped off in the designated location. Choose between

General drop off permission

For all parcels addressed to me until further notice.

One-time drop off permission

Please fill in completely, sign and leave it clearly visible to the delivery person.

1. Download and fill out PDF form >>
2. Print out and sign the form (or digitally sign it) >>
3. Attach the form clearly visible - give it to the delivery driver - or send it by e-mail.

Contactless delivery via photo feature

In the current Coronavirus situation, personal contacts should be reduced to a minimum if possible. In order to better protect both the recipient and the driver, there is now an alternative to the recipient's signature on the scanner. The delivery can be made completely contactless via the photo feature. This is how the contactless delivery by photo feature works:

Revoke drop off permission

You can revoke your drop off permission at any time in writing.

An informal letter with your signature sent by email or post to the nearest GLS depot is all that is required.


Please note, your drop off permission is not applicable if the sender has booked one of the following services for your delivery:

- IdentService
- IdentPINService
- ExchangeService
- Pick&ReturnService, Pick&ShipService
- CashService
- HazardousGoodsService
- AddresseeOnlyService

Note: drop off permission is not generally applicable for parcel delivery in Switzerland.