Drop-off permission - receive parcels at any time

You are unable to be at home during common delivery times, but still want to ensure that your parcels are delivered straight away? No problem: give us a drop-off authorization and define your personal drop-off location. Whether it is the garage, the tool shed or the patio - your delivery person will leave your parcel at the given place for you.

Issue a drop-off permission

Issuing a drop-off permission is probably the most convenient contactless delivery option for recipients.

Simply choose between a one-time drop-off permission for a single parcel or give us a permanent drop-off permission for all future shipments and we will drop off the parcels at the chosen location.

This means you will be completely independent of delivery dates and times and still will have your parcel with you at no extra cost.

Here are the advantages at a glance:

Permanent drop-off permission

You receive your parcels reliably at all times, even when you are not at home.

You can easily change the desired location or revoke the authorization at any time.

You make a contribution to reducing CO2 emissions by saving additional delivery trips.

One-time drop-off permission

You will receive your parcel even if you find yourself unable to be at home at short notice.

You determine the storage location of your parcel yourself.

You make a contribution to reducing CO2 emissions by saving an additional delivery trip.

Man-putting-a-label-on-a-parcel Man-putting-a-label-on-a-parcel

Permanent drop-off permission

Would you like us to leave your parcels at a specific location in future? It's as easy as that: simply log in to your personal GLS-ONE account or register there and give us a permanent drop-off permission.

1. log in / register

2. grant drop-off permission

3. find your parcel at the authorized place

You can do all this easily right here under "Login":


Please note: Once you have logged in, you will find the permanent drop-off permission in the menu item "Receive parcels".

You can also revoke your deposit authorization there.

Alternatively, you can download the drop-off permission form here:

You have the option of deciding in favor of either a one-time drop-off permission or a permanent drop-off permission.

Download the form

1. Download the PDF form and fill it in.

2. Please print the form and sign it. Alternatively, you can sign it digitally.

3. Please attach the form in a clearly visible place or send it by e-mail.


One-time drop-off permission

Are you expecting a parcel and would like to issue us with a one-time drop-off permission?

The following options are available:

+ With our FlexDeliveryService, you can choose from numerous delivery options - including a one-time drop-off permission.

+ Download the "Issue drop-off permission" form and select the "one-time drop-off permission" option.

+ Use your notification card and authorize us to deposit your parcel.



Please note that the drop-off permission granted does not apply if shippers have booked one of the following services for their delivery:


Note: For parcel deliveries in and to Switzerland, the drop-off permission is generally not valid.


Revoking a drop-off permission

You can revoke a completed permission in writing at any time.

All you need to do is send an informal letter by e-mail or mail to the nearest GLS depot with your signature.