Business customers - national parcel delivery


The reliable product for national parcel delivery: GLS offers secure, reliable transportation of parcels weighing up to 31.5 kilograms within Austria. There are no distance limits: the standard GLS delivery time of under 24 hours applies across the whole of Austria. Book additional optional services to cover your personal delivery requirements.

Standard delivery times
Personal contact in your local area
Comprehensive industry solutions
Digital consignee signature
Transparency through parcel tracking
Our standard product already includes impressive features

• Short standard delivery times
• Transparent parcel tracking
• Proactive information and options for consignees
• Digital consignee signature
• Liability included
• Personal support

Maximum parcel size and weight:

• Width: max. 80 cm
• Height: max. 60 cm
• Length: max. 200 cm
• Girth: max. 300 cm (circumference of the parcel plus longest side)

Optional services


GLS notifies your consignee about the planned delivery and offers a variety of delivery options.


Consignee-friendly returns process: your consignee can return parcels free of charge via a GLS ParcelShop.


Direct delivery to a GLS ParcelShop


Optimised returns management: we collect the parcel from any address and take it to your preferred return address.


We pick up the parcel from an address of your choice and deliver it directly to the desired consignee.


GLS will deliver directly to a department, office or a person.


Exchange service: delivery and return pick up in one go.


The consignee pays for the delivery in cash, GLS transfers this sum to you.


GLS simplifies internal company parcel exchange.

GLS delivery truck driving through the Alps

Europe-wide delivery

GLS has the largest independent European network and will deliver your parcels reliably all across Europe. Parcel delivery to all important European markets is generally possible in standard delivery times of 24 to 48 hours. More remote areas outside large cities can generally be reached within 72 to 96 hours.

Eberhard Thiele GLS Austria region sales manager

Proximity to the customer, a strong European-wide network and excellent quality - that is our DNA.

Eberhard Thiele, GLS Austria Region Sales Manager