Different possibilities of cooperation

Maybe you would use fulfillment only for your "best sellers" and penetrate abroad?

We can store up to 100 different items or we adapt perfectly to your needs.

We can also use personalized packaging and fully take into account your individual wishes

Trust our staff

Why GLS Fulifillment?

-Lower costs of regular distribution due to Fulfillment cooperation. Slovenia and 30 export states (including Great Britain, Serbia and Switzerland)

-Orders made before 21.00 will be delivered in 24-48 h (slovenian parcels, parcels that travel to Croatia, Austria and Italy)

-Shorter transit time for abroad parcels (In 48h from the Order)

-No need for your own storage place

-No need for your own personnel handling the Orders

-Professional parcel handling-minimize the risk of pacel damage

-Dispatch information are sent directly via the MYGLS API integration

What can you expect from GLS Fulfillment?

Storage and handling of your products
Declaration of the products
Packing of the items into packaging suitable for distribution
Equipping parcels with transport labels
Preparation and printing of documents that travel with the parcel (Invoice, Delivery note...)
Distribution of the parcel the next working day following the Order (24h delivery)
Parcel status report on daily, weekly and monthly basis
Stock report (weekly, monthly)SameDay delivery available for Ljubljana and it's surroundings