Safe delivery to UK

Your export to the UK is always in safe hands with GLS – as a subsidiary of the British Royal Mail we are specialists in UK business!


Specialists in export and customs issues take care of the particular needs of customers trading internationally.

Parcel (products of commercial value) for delivery to the UK must be accompanied by a commercial invoice in English. Three copies must be enclosed and attached to the outside of the parcel in an envelope. In the meantime, attach a pro forma invoice (eg samples, gifts) to non-commercial products.

The document must contain the following information:

  • Seller information
  • Buyer's details: contact person, telephone number, e-mail address, importer's tax number (invoice below or equal to GBP 135) or EORI importer number (invoice above GBP 135)
  • Specification of the goods: name of the product, quantity of products, product heading (link to the list of headings: ), value of the product, net and gross weight of the product and origin of the product. This information must be specified for each product in the parcel. - Products of the same heading, origin must be added together accordingly.
  • EORI number of exporter and importer
  • Date and invoice number
  • The entire invoice must be in English
  • GLS packet tracking number

EORI number

An EORI number is required for customs purposes.

For shipments to the UK, you need both the EORI number of the exporter and the EORI number of the importer to the UK.

Companies established in Slovenia and Slovenian citizens are not required to submit any applications for obtaining an EORI number. However, if you are using customs clearance for the first time in another EU Member State, it is necessary to activate the EORI number. Activation shall be carried out by the competent authority upon request by e-mail. Activation can be performed at the e-mail address: . The EORI number is the same as companies valid VAT number with the SI prefix, for slovenian citizens it is the same as the valid tax number with the SI prefix and ending with the letter O.

B2B and B2C parcels can be sent to the UK with Incoterm 20 (Invoice value over GBP 135) and Incoterm 18 (Invoice value below or equal to GBP 135).

In the case of sending a B2C parcel with Incoterm 18, the exporter also pays the cost of tax in the UK. In this case, the exporter must obtain the tax number before sending the parcel at the following link to the UK tax authority ( ). In the case of sending a parcel with Incoterm 20, the sender bears the costs of transport and export customs clearance, and the recipient bears the costs of import customs clearance and taxes and duties in the UK.

In the case of sending a B2C parcel with Incoterm 18, the sender bears the costs of transport, export customs clearance, import customs clearance and import tax.

In the case of sending a B2B parcel with Incoterm 18, the sender bears the costs of transport, export customs clearance, import customs clearance, and the import tax is paid by the exporter or importer, the number of the import tax payer must be indicated on the invoice. If the importer pays the tax, the invoice must state "Use importer account for VAT to HMRC".

You have to enter customs data on the AEB portal for our customers. To access this portal, please contact our sales department at the e-mail address:

Send a stamped and signed original Invoice to the e-mail address: and attach a signed and stamped invoice in 3 copies to the parcel itself.