What does SameDayDelivery to Parcel Locker stand for?

Recipients from Ljubljana, Kranj, Koper, Celje and Novo mesto can choose direct delivery to Parcel Locker on your website and pick up the order on the day of purchase. You can pick up your parcel at Parcel Locker without fees, we also allow payment upon collection by card.

A woman and a child in front of GLS Parcel Locker

The specifics of SameDay delivery to Parcel Locker

-Take advantage of direct delivery to Parcel Locker on the day of the order already in 5 cities: LJ, KP, CE, KR, NM. Your customer receives the parcel on the day of the order.

- If the customer places the order by 12:30 and selects "Same day delivery to the Parcel Locker", one can pick up the parcel the same day at one of the 500 ​​GLS Parcel Lockers. Any of them can become your pickup point.

-Interesting information: More than 73% of customers pick up the parcel on the same day!

- Pick-up at Parcel Locker without fees. Card payment enabled.

- Delivery to Parcel Locker (or PUDO points) is cheaper than classic delivery and at the same time more sustainable delivery (fewer kilometers traveled for delivery to the recipient).

GLS Parcel Locker

You can become Ambasador of Same Day Delivery to Parcel Locker

The GLS Ambassador concept envisages the presentation and display of same-day delivery to GLS Parcel Locker in your online store.

As an Ambassador, you receive special benefits and exposure that only business partners with this status receive.Special (lower) price of the service compared to other online merchants who do not have Ambassador status. Your logo and a link to your online store on our official website where you are presented as an Ambassador.

A wide international network that makes transit times shorter
Transactions of your COD's according to your wishes
COD available also for internationa shipments
Organized returns (Slovenia and foreign Countries)

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