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Shipment of parcels sent outside the EU

Goods destined for export from the EU are subject to customs supervision and possible customs controls. To ensure smooth transport, it is necessary to send to GLS Slovenia on the day the parcel is shipped:

Shipments that do not meet the above requirements will be sent without a refund of shipping costs immediately.

Current information on the Coronavirus

Regarding the Coronavirus we are constantly working to ensure the health and safety within the distribution process. From consignor, GLS employees and delivery drivers to the recipient.

Delivery to Great Britain is safe with GLS Slovenia

Parcel (products of commercial value) for delivery to the UK must be accompanied by a commercial invoice in English. Three copies must be enclosed and attached to the outside of the parcel in an envelope. In the meantime, attach a pro forma invoice (eg samples, gifts) to non-commercial products.

Fuel surcharge

The fluctuating crude oil price is having a direct impact on transport costs and therefore also on parcel transportation costs. For this reason, GLS charges its customers a fuel surcharge

Prevent the entry of pests and plant diseases into the EU

Due to the risks posed by dangerous plant pests in the European Union, strict rules apply to the identification of plant species and plant products from countries outside the European Union in personal consignments. All plants or plants intended for planting, certain plant seeds, tubers, green parts of plants and flowers must be identified in such a way that quarantine pests are not carried with them during trade. They are therefore usually grown by registered growers under the supervision of the phytosanitary authorities of the countries of origin, who can send them a phytosanitary certificate. When purchasing the above-mentioned plant goods, verified suppliers must be selected upon entry into the European Union and the proposals must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate issued by the competent authority of the exporting country. The exception is only for 5 types of fruit: bananas, coconut, dates, pineapple and durian. This fruit can be introduced without a phytosanitary certificate.

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