GLS Picqer plug-in: shipping convenience for Picqer customers

GLS Picqer plug-in

The GLS Picqer plug-in is a handy way to link your webshop to Picqer. With this smart warehouse software, you can process your orders 5 times faster. What's to want more? Link your GLS shipping portal for free to one of the most popular warehouse management systems in the Netherlands. This makes order picking and shipping with GLS even easier. If you set up the most common shipping profiles, you will automatically print the right labels for each shipment.

The benefits of a GLS Picqer integration:

  • From 50 orders per day, you save 60 minutes. With 400 orders a day, that's 8 hours, which is the equivalent of 1 full FTE;
  • This is simple software that anyone can work with;
  • It is software-as-a-service (SAAS). By working online (yes, you need internet), every customer benefits from all functionalities;
  • Your warehouse or warehouse locations in one system, easy to link to your webshop and marketplaces such as

Getting started with the GLS Picqer plug-in

Then download the manual for the GLS Picqer integration. It will guide you through installing the plug-in step-by-step.

Download the guide