GLS offers convenient solutions for parcel shipments for companies and individuals with a relatively small number of parcels. You can send a parcel via more than 900 GLS Parcel Shops. A GLS Parcel Shop is a receiving and pick-up point in an existing shop (shop-in-shop system). These shops often have long opening hours, offer parking facilities and are easily accessible.
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Real-time tracking of the shipment
Insurance for the value of the goods up to €500 per parcel, with an excess of €50
Signature on delivery

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The cost of sending a parcel with GLS depends on the dimensions.
To determine the dimensions, the longest and shortest sides of the parcel are measured and added together.
This determines whether the parcel is S, M or L. Regardless of the dimensions, a parcel may weigh a maximum of 32 kilograms.

Shipping within The Netherlands and the European Union
Longest + shortest sideNetherlandsBelgiumGermanyEuro IEuro IIEuro III
SMax. 50 cm€ 6.25€ 11.00€ 11.95€ 12.50€ 16.95€ 22.50
MMax. 80 cm€ 7.95€ 14.00€ 15.95€ 16.95€ 27.95€ 29.95
LMax. 150 cm€ 11.75€ 17.50€ 18.25€ 18.95€ 31.95€ 34.95

Euro I: AT, DK, FR & LU / Euro II: ES, FI, IE, IT, PL, PT & SE / Euro III: BG, CZ, EE, HR, HU, LT, LV, RO, SI & SK.

All parcel prices are inclusive VAT, insurance, Track & Trace and Proof of Delivery. Prices are subject to change.

Shipping information

To ensure that goods arrive undamaged, they must be properly packed. It is also important to put the correct address on the label. Your parcel is now ready for shipment.