GLS has introduced a group-wide programme to systematically recognise and avoid compliance risks. It has been developed to protect the GLS Group and its employees. It is also designed to ensure cooperation with business partners based on trust, now and in the future.

GLS focuses in particular on the following:

Competition law
Anti-corruption policy
Compliance with economic sanctions
Prevention of money laundering
Combatting forced labour, slavery and trafficking in human beings

The cornerstone of the compliance system is a comprehensive training concept for employees, because compliance starts with them. The Compliance Managers in the individual countries, the Group's central department Compliance and Internal Revision are the main advisory and assessment bodies for the three-stage concept. The compliance concept follows a uniform structure for all GLS companies, which is adapted to special country-specific features if necessary.

Code of Business Standards

The trust GLS receives from customers, employees, business partners and the public is a top priority for the GLS Group. To further strengthen this trust, the GLS Group has assigned itself a Code of Business Standards that establishes the fundamental values and standards of behaviour of the company in binding form for all employees. The GLS Code of Business Standards forms the basis of all business decisions and regulates responsible interaction with all stakeholders.

Supplier Code of Conduct

GLS expects its suppliers to observe the standards as described in this Supplier Code of Conduct, to implement them by taking appropriate measures and to apply them in their business activities.

Environmental Standard

The GLS Group provides reliable and high-quality parcel services. In order to continue to guarantee this, the conservation of resources and the reduction of our emissions are of central importance to us. Together with our employees, customers and suppliers, we want to become one of the leading providers of sustainable parcel services. The Environmental Standard is binding for all GLS national companies.


Whistleblowers/Ombudsman system

The GLS Group has appointed an ombudsman to enable employees, business partners and third parties to confidentially report criminal acts and other serious violations.

Every complaint is handled in confidence. Due to the legal duty of confidentiality for lawyers, Mr Buchert may not disclose the identity of the whistleblower unless the latter gives his express consent. He also has the right to refuse a request from the court for a testimony (including a testimony on the identity of a whistleblower).

A complaint submitted to the Ombudsman will only be passed on to the GLS Group if the complainant has given permission to do so. Naturally, an employee may also report any suspicions relating to the above to his or her supervisor or another contact person within the GLS Group.

Attorney Dr Rainer Buchert
Kaiserstraße 22
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: +49 69 710 33 330 or +49 6105 92 1355
Fax: +49 69 710 34 444

Contact form for informants

Dr Buchert will not consider complaints concerning matters which are not of a criminal or similar serious nature. When in doubt, he will advise on how to proceed.