Energy surcharge

At GLS Netherlands, we understand that sustainability is not only the future, but also today's responsibility.
Energy consumption is becoming increasingly important in our business operations, especially with our transition to electric vehicles and the use of advanced sorting systems.

To reflect this evolution and support the shift to sustainable energy sources, we will introduce the energy surcharge from 1 November 2023.
This surcharge comprises two elements: fuel surcharge and electricity surcharge.

Fuel surcharge: Our calculation of the fuel surcharge remains unchanged and continues to be based on the TLN Fuel Monitor. We remain transparent about the costs associated with the fuel we use.

Electricity surcharge: The electricity surcharge follows the same principles as our fuel surcharge.
We base this surcharge on EPEX market prices, as published on

Our energy surcharge is calculated as the weighted average of the fuel surcharge and the electricity surcharge, based on the ratio of fuel and electricity consumption. At GLS Netherlands, we are committed to promoting sustainability and efficiency by deploying electric vehicles and thereby reducing the use of fossil fuels, while continuing to provide the high-quality service you have come to expect from us. For more information, please contact your regular contact person. Together, we are creating a more sustainable and innovative future for shipping.

Energy surcharge 2024
MonthAverage fuel price per literAverage EPEX price per MWhEnergy surcharge Parcel National (ECP, BP, EP)Energy surcharge
Parcel International (EBP, GBP)
Energy surcharge
Freight National (BF)
Energy surcharge
Freight International (EBF)
July€ 1.5621€ 65.744.80%4.80%9.50%14.25%
June€ 1.5738€ 54.744.70%4.7010.00%15.00%
May€ 1.6397€ 62.875.40%5.40%11.00%16.50%
April€ 1.6287€ 71.145.60%5.60%11.00%16.50%
March€ 1.6361€ 74.085.60%5.60%11.00%16.50%
February€ 1.5749€ 92.295.60%5.60%10.00%15.00%
January€ 1.5597€ 96.635.50%5.50%9.50%14.25%

All prices are excluding VAT.

Annual average diesel price and fuel surcharge
YearAverage diesel price per literAverage Epex price per MWhSurcharge Parcel National (ECP, BP, EP)Surcharge
Parcel International (EBP, GBP)
Surcharge Freight National (BF)Surcharge Freight International (EBF)
2023€ 1.54€ 113.675.70%5.70%9.00%13.50%
2022€ 1.736.50%6.50 %13.00 %19.50 %
2021€ 1.312.25 %2.25 %4.50 %6.75 %
2020€ 1.110.25 %0.25 %0.50 %0.75 %
2019€ 1.211.25 %1.25 %2.50 %3.75 %
2018€ 1.191.00 %1.00 %2.00 %3.00 %

All prices are excluding VAT.