Flexible delivery: GLS informs recipients early about the delivery of goods and offers several delivery options to choose from.

As soon as the ordered goods are ready to be shipped, recipients receive an e-mail containing information about the upcoming delivery.

This way, recipients can choose early on, if desired online, from a variety of delivery options. For example, a new date for the delivery within a pre-announced three hour time frame or redirect the parcel to a GLS Parcel Shop.

Receiving parcels becomes flexible, making the shipment of goods to private households less complicated. The number of enquiries and complaints to the sender decreases, customers satisfaction on the other hand increases.

Benefits for senders

  • Free of extra charge
  • Optimised B2C shipment
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Less contact with the recipient about the delivery needed

Benefits for recipients

  • Delivery options freely selectable
  • Information about delivery
  • Three hour delivery time frame given for selected delivery dates
  • Delivery options easily selectable
  • Flexible parcel reception without registration – simple and fast online


  • National parcel shipment
  • Cross-border parcel shipment from the Netherlands to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Delivery options

Recipients can customise the delivery while or before the parcel is already on its way. GLS offers multiple delivery options so that ordered goods can be received quickly and easily. As soon as the GLS recipient receives an email with information about the parcel, the delivery options can be viewed. GLS will let you know when the order is sceduled. The recipient can then determine whether someone will be present that day to accept the parcel.
If this is not the case, the next step is very simple: clicking on the link in the email gives direct access to the parcel delivery options.

A delivery date
Choose a specific date

The recipient can choose a specific date. This can be chosen from five working days after the sending date. A time window of three hours is provided for the chosen delivery date. After the option "Delivery on a specific day" has been selected and confirmed, GLS will deliver the parcel on the desired day.

A GLS Parcel Shop
Choose a GLS Parcel Shop

The recipient can choose a GLS Parcel Shop and have the parcel delivered directly there. There is always someone present in the ParcelShop to accept the shipment. The GLS Parcel Shop can be selected directly online, for example a ParcelShop on the route to work.
GLS Parcel Shops have customer-friendly opening hours, so parcels can be picked up when it suits you best. The parcel is stored here for a maximum of five working days. After selecting the option "Delivery to a GLS Parcel Shop", the desired GLS Parcel Shop can be selected. GLS will forward the parcel and deliver it to the selected Parcel Shop when the choice is confirmed.

A GLS depot
Choose a GLS depot

The receiver can choose to pick up the parcel him/herself at a GLS depot. The parcel will then remain at the depot responsible for the delivery address and the recipient can collect it within five working days. After this, the parcel will be sent back to the sender. After choosing the option "Collect the parcel yourself at a GLS depot" and receipt of the confirmation, GLS will safely store the parcel.

Refusing a shipment

The recipient can even refuse a shipment online prior to delivery. For example, if the recipient has not ordered the goods or if purchase of the goods has been cancelled. After clicking on the option "Refuse parcel shipment", a confirmation will be sent. GLS then sends the parcel back to the sender.

Deposit service
Delivery with deposit service

With the FlexDeliveryService or after receiving a Notification card the recipient can give their one-time consent to leave a parcel at a specifically described location.


When will I receive an email?

Important notice

GLS will send e-mails to the recipient, if the sender of the goods – for example a webshop – has created the necessary conditions. This means that the recipient only receives information by e-mail for this specific parcel that will be sent via GLS.